Monday, June 4, 2007

You dance ?

This morning while taking a shower in an Amsterdam bathroom a blackout occurred.
Suddenly it was impossible to remember where a shower was taken the day before.

This is one of the side effects of an intense nomadic life.
So many different situations are experienced within a short period of time that things start to become fluent in the memory.
Events become not static pillars with inscriptions about the details, but vague clouds often fading in the background.

The question was asked if this was good or not good, to be unable temporarily to remember where one has been a day before.
This is a rhetoric question though.
A question without an answer.
Or an answer as one likes.
The famous whatever.

Therefore this confusion and hole in the memory was accepted without an opinion.
Instead it was realized how this constant and intense travelling, this frequent changing of countries, cultures, languages, houses, rooms and beds had another effect much more important.
It is giving a feeling of being totally alive.
Of living to the maximum.
For 100 %.
Of swirling in life like an exotic dancer on an infinite dance floor.
This is a unique feeling.
Of a tremendous beauty touching exaltation.

It must be realized that this almost overwhelming way of living has its effects not because of switching places rapidly and being unable to remember showers from the day before.
It all comes from the people who are met and with who time is spent.

The connections with the people are very intense, going deep and are open and pure.
One can see that the dance performed is joined by the others.
That friends become inspired and affected and join to celebrate life in a way they rarely do.

Dancing in life by oneself is a tragic thing.
But when a dance is joined by good friends, a process of interactivity takes place assisting each other in an upward going spiral to levels where common joy, happiness and togetherness is found and deeply felt.

Last night and this morning are in Amsterdam, Holland.
At 13.13 hours the high-speed train will leave from Schiphol Airport to the Gare du Nord in Paris, France.
The dance will continue in Paris for five days.
Having a schedule loaded with meetings and events.
And showers to never remember.


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Ellen Madras said...

You write in such a beautiful way, Michel.