Saturday, June 30, 2007

Busy as a bee.

It is a rather strange life now.
Many hours are spend inside the Fuso Santek in front of the MacBook Pro computer.
The reason is that the self-made selection of images that were made in Japan last February has all been accepted by the Stock Photo Agency in Europe.
They see for the over 140 images opportunities for successful marketing.
The consequence is that each image needs to be re-sized, format changed and made look more sophisticated with the tools of the software program Photoshop C3.
But most importantly, each image needs to get captions in two languages.
That is the key to selling the image.
In detail each image needs to be described including time and place.
A very time consuming but essential job.

In the meantime, through the gallery in Paris representing this photographer, Galerie Baudoin Lebon, an opening has been made to perform the project “The most beautiful people in the world” in Beijing, China.
One step has been made that the Chinese version of the magazine Marie Claire wants to publish the project on 8 pages.
But to actually perform the project in China needs the involvement and commitment of more people and this is now in a stage of intense communication.

The same is going on for India.
A contact in New Delhi working for the electronic giant Philips seems to become instrumental to document the most beautiful people over there.

Besides these activities some more are going on with the photography and this makes it all a very busy time.

It is remarkable this is all going on in the Fuso Santek temporarily located on a beautiful beach in Mexico.
And near the rancho of the Gonzales family.
Where life goes on in its own rhythm.
With small events.
In beautiful surroundings.


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