Sunday, July 1, 2007

Money sucks.

In this part of Mexico for centuries land was owned by families without them having official titles to their properties.
People simply knew what belonged to whom and hardly there were any problems.

This situation existed until around the 70’s when non-Mexicans came into the area and started buying the land at the seaside.
With the intention to speculate: to either re-sell it later or to divide it in lots.
Or to build holiday houses, condominiums, hotels, restaurants, shops and villas.

This process of local Mexicans selling to non-Mexicans has been going on more and more intensely.
Prices have been sky rocketing.
So much so that it has resulted now in a situation of conflicts, violence and turbulence.

To have an idea in what area of Mexico this all is taking place, check this website and zoom out:

One incident happened at Cabo Pulmo recently, north of the rancho of the Gonzales family.
Some houses of Mexican families living in Cabo Pulmo for many years were simply bulldozed away.
Within a short time they had lost their homes making headlines in the regional newspaper.
Responsible for this was a big developer who has these plans to build hotels, condominiums and holiday houses.

South of the rancho of the Gonzales, just a few minutes away, is a large beachfront property belonging to a Mexican family.
It is now in dispute who is the actual owner.
Some people put up large brick build walls painted white with a text saying the land was not for sale.
A few days later, in the night, other people knocked down those walls.
Now security people in uniform patrol day and night the area of this property on ATV’s.

North of the rancho of the Gonzales, only a mile away, another serious dispute takes place.
It is a large beachfront property again, bought by a Spanish developer for 120 million Dollars and a large Mexican family disputes now the legality of that sale.
Over there is a grim situation.
Big signs are planted by the Mexican family claiming the land.
There is now a large group of angry and violent looking Mexican men with sombreros who have made a camp on the property.
In dispute is whether they are squatters or in fact the rightful owners.

When this area was visited the first time, in 1979, it was very peaceful.
There was no foreigner buying land, owning and developing it.
It was just the Gonzales on their rancho and some other Mexican families in the area.
In harmony with nature and with each other.

This situation has been turned upside down.
And something has happened what we can observe worldwide.
Wherever it is beautiful, money comes and fucks it up.

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Betty2toes said...

If there is a dollar to be made there will be two guys fighting over who's dollar it is.