Monday, July 16, 2007

Fuso Szulc limping.

It was scheduled for today to attend sessions of the Sierra Nevada debating club in friend Roland’s house in Wilseyville, California, USA.
And enjoy the friendship and hospitality of Roland and his wife Kathy.

But as of the departure from Santek Trailers last Friday, a serious problem has developed with the front axle of the Fuso Szulc.
It seems that inside the connection between the left front wheel and the axle something is blocking.
This happens at low speeds turning corners.
A loud bang is being heard coming from that area and the whole front of the truck shakes.
Today a stop was made at a Flying J’s Truck Stop near the town of Salida.
A mechanic had a look and recommended to go and see the Mitsubishi Truck Dealer in Stockton first thing Monday morning.
He feared otherwise soon the axle would break.

It was convenient to have a mobile phone to call friend Roland in Wilseyville to inform about the unfortunate change of plans.
And convenient to have a Datastorm to look and find on the Internet the Mitsubishi Truck Dealer in Stockton.

Not far from Salida was a State Park, the Caswell Memorial State Park, and it was there a beautiful spot near a river was found where even the Datastorm between high trees managed to lock to the Satmex satellite.
Getting very kind assistance of Ranger Martin who plans to go and do missionary work in Uganda.
He talked about a phenomenon in nature rarely witnessed but now occurring in the Caswell Memorial State Park.
Wasps eggs being in the millions in the park these days magically jumping up and down.
Later, ranger Martin passed by after he had collected a cup full of these eggs.
And this is absolutely true: the eggs were jumping up into the air.

Another magical thing is that in 1915 the farm equipment manufacturer and rancher Thomas Caswell purchased 700 acres along the Stanislaus River.
In 1950 the Caswell family created a legacy for the people by donating out of the 700 acres, 134 acres of forest along the Stanislaus River to be preserved as a state park so that future generations might experience the valley in its natural state.
Thousands upon thousands of visitors have since enjoyed the beauty of this park.
A simple gesture of philanthropy by a family wealthy enough to do so.
Resulting in joy, pleasure and relaxation for millions of people then, now and in the future.
May many wealthy people living today be inspired by the philanthropy of the Caswell’s and share also.

The sunny and warm afternoon suddenly available gave the opportunity to clean the windows and the solar panels.
And finally read for a longer period of time in Roy Jenkin’s fascinating biography of Winston Churchill.

But the peace and tranquillity did not last long.
Two vans with a trailer pulled into the spaces very close and next to the Fuso Szulc.
On the sides the text: “San Pedro & Peninsula YMCA”.
Young Men's Christian Association.
Soon, the beautiful and tranquil place was terrorised by a large group of noisy young people.
Boys and girls of around 16.
Playing soccer, volleyball and throwing the Frisbee as close to the Fuso Szulc as possible.
Hitting the sides.
Banging into it.
While the supervisors were pleasantly involved in their own conversations.
Forgetting that upon arrival they had told the boys and girls there were two rules:
1/ You are here to enjoy yourself.
2/ But this must never be at the cost of others.

It must be true what friend Roland said after he heard the Fuso Szulc had broken down.
“You wrote bad things about the Pope so you see now what happens?”.

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