Friday, July 13, 2007

$50 of cream.

There are days when life becomes abstract.
That it takes turns and twists landing a normal person in a confusing situation.
To get into wonder about the situation.

Why is the water in the Fuso Szulc shower not flowing fluently into the grey tank?
Because the level of the floor of the shower has been built too low.

This is the next issue with the Fuso Szulc that needs to be corrected and this takes another day besides today when the connection of the camper box to the chassis was fixed.

Because it is a busy period with photography for which many things need to be done and a serious assignment to be executed, in fact there is no time to wait for the Fuso Szulc issues to be solved.
That should not have been issues to begin with.

That is why we find ourselves tonight in an Economy Inn motel room.
In an abstractive version of life on Magnolia Avenue in Riverside.

There is supposed to be Internet in the room but it doesn’t work.
Isolated from Internet.
From e-mails.
From publishing a new blog.
From Skype-talking friends and business.

A knock on the hotel room door.
The cousin of the Indian woman running this Economy Inn.
He is recently arrived from the Punjab, India.
Comes to check why Internet is not working in the room.
And before we know we become friends.
Sitting on a sofa in the lobby of the hotel not knowing why there are those technical problems with the computer and Internet.
Therefore talking about the Bhagavad-Gita, his Hinduism, my Osho, the Hindu Temple in Riverside, the Ashram in Poona and what life wants with us.
We do not manage to connect the MacBook Pro to the Internet but we do have a chain of hearts and souls.

It is late when Magnolia Avenue is hit for finding this Mexican Fish restaurant spotted before.
But at 9.00 PM it is closed.
It is howled that in the USA restaurants close so early.
But fortunately a Thai restaurant is discovered open till 10.00 p.m.
A cooked trout in mango sauce is ordered with steamed rice and a glass of water.
The cooked trout does arrive but besides a bowl of steamed rice, the cute Thai girl serves a bowl what turns out to be slices of apple richly spread with hot pepper powder.
She is called back to the table and asked where is the mango sauce.
This Princess of Bangkok returns from the kitchen reporting that the cook is saying that today there is no mango.
Aggravation rises.
This is worse than a Puesto de Control Militar recently and frequently experienced in Mexico.
If one orders fish in a mango sauce, how can they just put fish and apples on the table like this is how it is and who would care?
The Thai girl got into the shy mode but as an experienced traveller having been frequently in the Orient no value was awarded to her pretended innocence.
She was waved back to her seat because any discussion would be senseless and the bill was paid without adding a tip.

Returning to the hotel a smoking girl was met on Magnolia Avenue ready to make a buck and as life wanted to be abstract it was wondered how smooth the Nivea crème on her hands would slip and slide into the beloved ecstasy.
To go in Riverside that deep into the abstraction of life is getting on the side where the heart is lost and only animal instincts and desires reign.
The build in safety net was avoiding having the orgasm in the wrong hands.

Returned to the hotel the door of the room of the neighbour was open.
By coincidence, this man was met before in a nearby liquor market where he was buying high alcohol drinks.
He was naked now.
His lean African American body covered with intimidating tattoos.
His penis uselessly hanging between his legs like a slaughtered chicken.
He rose from the bed where he had been watching TV and said:
“Hey brother, give me 8 Dollars to buy me more liquor.”

This was not confusing.
African Americans, alcoholism, being neighbours and dead chickens are considered part of life.
Nothing to get excited about.

Something else was confusing though.
The new mobile LG phone was received today and it had to be learned how to operate the device.
It came with an instruction book that was so bad that it created phone rage.
Stupidity and incompetence is not tolerated and results in anger so bad that the new mobile phone almost ended its existence being crashed against the wall.
This is the temperament.
Strong but fortunately sense is still the ultimate power.

Late at night, another knock on the hotel door.
The neighbour.
The one originally from Africa with the dead chicken.
The door was not opened.
The curtain was moved and it was yelled at the brother:
“I am busy”.


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