Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hate Tom Cruise.

Of course there are persons who are loved.
Like family and friends.
But also persons like Ghandi, Plato and Copernicus.
To name a few.
They all have first ring seats around the fire of available love.

The persons who are loved are a huge majority.
They are the most present in the existence.
Present consciously and subconsciously 99 % of the time.

Having so many people in loving unison with the personal existence is very beautiful and good.
But because life is yin and yang we must not forget to hate as well.
To keep things in balance.
If it is only love we are full of, love becomes an empty thing.
If there is a lot of love and a little of hate, that improves the quality of the love.

One of the rules in communication is that good news is no news.
A posting on this blog about how warmly and gratefully persons are loved in the life of this pioneering and nomadic photographer will force the amount of daily visitors to drop painfully.
But to read about who is hated makes a more interesting posting and probably a provocation to think and maybe even to comment.

For these reasons, this week we hate Tom Cruise.
If he would dare to be around, he would be strangled immediately.
Being in the Redwoods National Park in Northern California it is not very likely Mr. Cruise will pass by though as he is currently filming in Germany.

Tom Cruise is deeply hated for 1.745 reasons.

First of all and most importantly, for having been involved with Penelope Cruz.
Penelope Cruz, who looks exactly like the Spanish Princess responsible for irregular heartbeats some time ago as fervent and loyal blog readers very well should remember.
Thank God Penelope didn’t get pregnant of Tom Cruise, which goes to show what an intelligent and emancipated European girl Ms. Cruz is.

Second reason is that whenever we see Tom Cruise, whether in a picture or a video clip, he smiles and radiates like he is a supranational creature beyond what we ever could achieve to be ourselves.
Or maybe he is simply doing PR for his dentist.
Always this smile on his face.
This grimace of which he knows it lures innocent people in believing he is a man who managed to be beyond feelings of being sometimes not feeling too well.

Next, there is this issue that Mr. Cruise is an active member of the Scientology Church and promoting it shamelessly.
The Scientology Church: an organisation considered by many as a sect and a dangerous cult.
Of course, Tom Cruise can be a follower of whatever sect or religion he wishes.
But promoting Scientology, what Tom Cruise does, with his Hollywood style fa├žade of being a successful human being, lures people to something that is going to cost them money.

If the fervent and loyal blog reader would make the effort to visit the website of the Scientology Church, it soon will be found out that the spiritual enlightenment through this so called church is claimed as possible.
It can be achieved by following Scientology courses.
Each time on a higher level.
And each time the Scientology pupil has to pay serious amounts of money for it.

The more enlightening the person wish to become, the more it will cost when joining the Scientology Church.
And there is no end to it.
It is all about money.

We must remember that the Scientology Church was invented and created by an American called Ron L. Hubbard who used to be a pretty good science fiction writer.

This charlatanry of the Scientology Church is no issue for Tom Cruise.
But the person struggling in life and believing the role models of Tom Cruise and John Travolta are the ones to follow, this person is paying dearly for the delusions.

There is even another reason to hate Tom Cruise.
He has his own film production company.
Therefore, he can choose himself in which films he plays.
Alert fervent and loyal blog readers will have noticed that Tom Cruise always chooses to play in films, which result in having sympathy for him.
He is always the good guy.
Always winning.
Always right.
Always controlled.
Always balanced.
Always in good shape.
Never unhappy.
He forces the audience to see him as an ideal human being.
To such an extreme that it becomes counter productive.
Many people meanwhile hate Tom Cruise.

But now he has carried it really too far.
He has gotten it into his mind to play the role of Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg.
Cruise’s production company is spending 80 million Dollars to give the Hollywood version of Von Stauffenberg’s effort on July 20, 1944 to try to kill Adolf Hitler.
Another effort of Tom Cruise to portray himself as a super good human being.
The family of Count von Stauffenberg is completely opposed to this charade and Cruise’s production company has not been able to obtain permission to film on certain historic locations.
There is a limit to what can be turned into more money.
But Tom Cruise goes ahead anyway.

Already a photograph is circulating, made available by Tom Cruise’s production company, where we see him dressed up as a German World War 2 officer.

A totally ridiculous representation.
Von Stauffenberg was a tall man.
Of a noble family.
Very well educated and intelligent.
Radiating dignity, class and pride.

Cruise is a rather small guy radiating superficiality and dumbness.

The film, called “Valkyrie”, will be released next year and of course it will be boycotted.

Now that all the hate available has been released, the loving of all the other people can take place without obstruction and in abundance.
Thanks Tom.



Ted said...

Hi Michel
For once I agree with you. You hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

So, you're gay for Tom Cruise?
He may not be much of a person but Tom is a good actor.

robert Hill said...

I also dislike Scientology,,, and it's hard to believe that people still follow the life of a star that would promote such blatant moronic bullshit,,, but the masses are asses,,,,, and I'm an ass for getting upset this morning about scientology and responding bitterly,, thanks alot Michel,, LOL!