Friday, July 27, 2007

She needs a good one.

Before to leave Quincy, the pretty small town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, a new visit to the public library to make use of their fast WIFI-system.
Just to put a new posting of the blog, retrieve and send e-mails.

It was ten o’clock in the morning and the street deserted.
In front of the public library white lines were drawn in an angle of 45 degrees to indicate how to park cars.

It was decided to park the Fuso Szulc in an angle of 25 degrees to avoid obstructing the traffic in the street.
If the Fuso Szulc had been exactly within the white lines the back would have stick out dangerously far into the street.
Parking in an angle of 25 degrees resulted in making use of two parking spaces and not being within the white lines but that didn’t matter.
There was not one other car parked and the visit to the public library would not take more than fifteen minutes.

The business with the MacBook Pro and WIFI was done in 15 minutes indeed.
Returned to the Fuso Szulc, the map was studied to check the route to travel that day.

A Jeep arrived and parked some parking places away from the Fuso Szulc.
A woman came out and walked up to the Fuso Szulc.
She said in a bitchy voice:
“You park even more lousy than I do”.

The woman was recognised.
She worked in the public library.
When visiting there the day before she had said:
“You use WIFI with your own computer? We LOVE people with their own computer!”
This had to do with the congestion of the many people wanting to use the four available computers of the public library.

But the woman didn’t remember the visitor of the day before.
“You park even more lousy than I do and that is because you don’t care”.

The reply was:
“There is a reason why this vehicle is parked in this way”.

The woman said now even more agressively:
“Yes and the reason is that you don’t care”.

The Fuso Szulc owner responded:
“You are projecting your own attitudes on other people”.

She realized the conversation was not going in a more friendly direction.
Abruptly she changed the topic:
“What mileage do you get from this truck?”.

She walked to the public library after she heard it was about 15 miles to the gallon.

At the end of the day friends Andreas and Ute were joined.
They are camping at the Glass Creek Campground near the town of Mammoth Lakes.
New friend Wendy was there also and sitting all together telling the recent travel experiences, the event with the lady of the public library of Quincy was told.

The conclusion was that the Quincy lady needed one thing only.
A good one.

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