Monday, July 2, 2007

Little angel.

Departure from Punta Boca del Salado and the Gonzales family has been delayed for three days.
The reason is that on Wednesday an important event takes place needing presence.

Gumaro and Lucretia Gonzales had 5 children.
Juan Manuel.

Three sons and two daughters.
Living happily on their rancho.

But four years ago Angelito, which means “little angel”, fell ill.
He developed a serious kidney problem.
His health detoriated rapidly.

It was diagnosed he should have a kidney transplant.
It turned out that his sister Norma had a matching kidney and she made one of hers available to her brother.

The transplant was done in a hospital in Tijuana, the border town south of San Diego.
It financially ruined the family, as they had to pay for it themselves.
Family and friends came to their help.

The transplant was not successful.
The new kidney didn’t work.

Two years ago Angelito died.
He left a wife and three young children behind.

The Gonzales family was devastated.

Within one year of Angelito’s passing away his brother Juan Manuel had another son he called Angelito.
Within one year Norma had another son she called Angelito.
Within one year Christina had another son she named Angelito.

But the grief is still there.
Although Angelito died and was buried, somehow he is still very present.


This Wednesday will be a memorial service for Angelito.
A Roman Catholic priest will come to the rancho and a Mass will be celebrated in memory of Angelito.


It is maybe weird but after Angelito’s memorial service all of us will go to Villa Los Frailes.
Because of an invitation offered by American friends to come and celebrate with them Independence Day.


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