Sunday, July 8, 2007

What a pretty thing.

Because the Fuso Szulc was covered in newspapers all over, even the roof, the night could not be spend inside the expedition vehicle.

Nearby Paulo Javier Gonzalez Romero’s workshop a hotel was found called “Quinta Lolita”.

It was not because of the name and the fond memories of Nabokov’s book this hotel was selected.
It simply was close to the Fuso Szulc.

“Quinta Lolita” was an amazing hotel.
For 300 Pesos (20 Euros, 27 $) a double room was offered.
A lot of square meters for its money.
With a key having a key holder saying “Girlz only”.

The first room had a kitchen counter, an empty cool box and a round table with a gigantic bouquet of flowers.
Flowers made of the best plastic available.
Funny enough on the wall was a painting of a bouquet of flowers.
Made by an artist who would probably not have been admitted to art-school with this work.

The second room was huge as well.
A king size bed was awaiting every tired traveller.
In the corner two mattresses were stored and also a Christmas tree waiting for the month of December.
A window was covered with a curtain and this had been a good idea: outside this room the laundry was being dried on wash lines.
A Panasonic television was positioned at the foot of the bed: there was no other furniture in the room.
Lighted by a naked bulb the whole setting was rather macabre.
A box on top of the television offered access to 46 channels but the remote control missing, changing channels involved getting up from the bed and pushing buttons on top of the box.
This was a torturous exercise because each time a shock of electricity trembled the hand.
The LG air conditioner on the other hand was fantastic.
It blew so much cold air at such a storm’s speed into the room that it had to be tempered by putting a towel in front of the vents.
By now it will not surprise many fervent and loyal blogreaders that in the bathroom no warm water was supplied.

On a scale of 5 stars, Hotel “Quinta Lolita” scored minus 1.
This was mainly for the fleas biting constantly while laying in the bed.
But what to expect for 300 Pesos?

At 7 o’clock a.m. Paulo Javier Gonzalez Romero was already busy with the Fuso Szulc.
Covering and covering and covering.
Next step was to clean and sandpaper the areas to be painted.
It was only around noon when everything was sufficiently protected and prepared when spray painting could begin.
First a layer to have grip for the paint to come.
And next 3 layers of the actual colour of green.

It was around 6 p.m. when the painting was done and the text could be mounted on the front and backside of the Fuso Szulc.

By that time there was a large party of people surrounding the Fuso Szulc.
Paulo Javier Gonzalez Romero’s brother and sister and father and two friends.
The other friends Alma, Yuriria and Tonatzin who had been the company for lunch.

Meanwhile a large cake had been bought and presented to Paulo Javier Gonzalez Romero as a demonstration of appreciation for his hard work.

In fact it had been a spectacular two days.
Not only was a job done professionally with excellent result, but also friends were made and a good time shared.

Now the Fuso Szulc looks spectacular.
Like the son of Paulo Javier Gonzalez Romero.
Hector, 12 year old, is the national champion of Mexico in karate.



Anonymous said...

Very nice ! the whole thing looks great, enjoy.


Roland Pesch said...

I've often wondered, going past it in La Paz, what Quinta Lolita was like. Thank you for resolving that I won't have to suffer through the fleas and so forth!

I'm surprised you didn't stay at El Ángel Azul. Was Esther full up? For someone as athletic as you, I think that would have been walking distance, even though not next door to your paint workshop...