Monday, July 23, 2007

No sex yet.

Fortunately this morning the sun broke through the sea fog and there was a bright blue sky.
Soon Park Ranger Phil Rovai came in his private Jeep Cherokee to go to his house equipped with a hybrid energy supply system.
There were four elements to be documented.
The solar panels.
The bank of batteries.
The back up generator on propane.
And how the electricity was used.
The job was to photograph this in a surprising and convincing and all explanatory way.

Phil Rovai was an exceptional talent in posing.
Very natural and easily himself.
A very kind man.
Some great shots could be made.

Meanwhile a problem had surfaced with the Datastorm Satellite System.
It just couldn’t connect to the Internet.
For unknown reasons.
The disk found the satellite and contact was established.
But next, it got stuck with the message: “Transmitter requesting a transmit pointing test. (TxCode 18)”
It just stayed there.
Everything in the book of tricks was tried but to no avail.
For the first time no daily posting could be put on the blog.

Later in the afternoon Monique came to have a tea.
Monique is a student who has as a summer job working in the Prairie Creek Redwoods National Park.
She arrived in her Park uniform and asked if she could change in the Fuso Szulc.
Of course and for the first time in its existence a lady got undressed inside the bathroom of the Fuso Szulc.
Out came a woman not a Park Ranger anymore but dressed in a military camouflage coloured tight shirt and a long skirt all the way down to the ankles.
Monique had brought real Ceylon tea that she had from her mother who is from Sri Lanka.
How wonderful to have a real good cup of tea at four o’clock in the afternoon near the ocean in good company.
Monique could stay only for one hour because she was planning to go to church in a nearby town.
She had been falling in and out with church, but now she was hooked again.
The Roman Catholic Church.
There were two more remarkable things Monique told.
When she is free, she plays computer and video games.
This might belong to her age, 26 years old, but it is quite something a young woman playing videogames and not watching TV, not listening to the radio and not reading the newspapers.
Not having a clue what is going on in the world.
Not even reading books or having a social life.
Only obsessed and thrilled by computer games.

The other remarkable thing is that Monique has promised herself not to have sex until she is married.
This idea she has from her church.
There is of course this question how to know whether sex will be a pleasure with the partner if she has to wait until she is married.
But of this Monique is convinced: the guy she is going to marry will give her satisfying sex.
The whole world hopes for Monique this will be true and that she will not be disappointed.

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