Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thundering trains.

The campground near Deadman’s Pass in the Inyo National Forest, California, USA, was packed with people in motorhomes, fifth wheelers and campers all escaping the merciless heat of the lower parts of the state.
At about 8.000 feet (2.438 meters) the temperatures are more modest and pleasant.
One can sleep and live without air conditioning.
Another reason for people to stay at the Glass Creek Campground was that it was at no charge.
It is National Forest and camping is for free.
For example, a woman was met explaining she had paid a high bill for fixing her car and was staying at Glass Creek Campground to enjoy the cooler weather and to save money.

From Glass Creek Campground the Fuso Szulc has travelled to Bakersfield, California, USA.
Where it is hot.
Very hot.
Day and night.

The night was spend at Bakersfield Palms RV Resort.
This was a last bet: all other and better places to stay turned out to be booked full.
It is Summer, for many people it is holiday time and it is the weekend.

If the travelling was by own decisions, this area and the Bakersfield Palms RV Resort would never have seen the Fuso Szulc.
But there is this assignment that is deciding where to go.

Of course it is highly appreciated that the Bakersfield Palms RV Resort has water and electricity.
And a small swimming pool.
But the WIFI system they promise in their publicity is not working.
The palm trees stop the own Datastorm to get on line.
And right next to the Bakersfield Palms RV Resort are the railroad tracks where every 15 minutes a cargo train passes by splitting the head in two.
Four or five diesel locomotives pulling an endless line of trailers.

This is all not too bad because everything is considered an experience and life is yin and yang.
But what about all those people who seem to live permanently at Bakersfield Palms RV Resort?
There are plenty of them.
Most of them living in trailers that have not seen the road for years.
Living in it are old people who probably have no more house somewhere else.
They have surrounded their trailers with small gardens and paraphernalia to make it look a little more personal.
Day and night they are inside their air conditioned trailer hiding for the heat.
They may have become accustomed to the trains thundering through the camp.

The objective today is to find a place as close as possible to Venice where on Monday is an appointment.
This is another test to trust.
That something will be found.


Anonymous said...

Hello from France,
As always, love your posts, but you are a photograper, & we are left to imagine the campsite, the trains, the old trailers etc... please post more pics ! If you don't post pics, who will ?
Take care,

luvglass said...

About 6 miles south of Venice is LAX and just south of there, on the ocean, is Dockweiler RV Park,
(310) 322-4951
Nice park right on the ocean with a bike path on the beach that you could ride up to Venice.