Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Whisked in Whiskeytown.

Near the town of Redding in the central part of California, USA, is a place called Whiskeytown.
Near Whiskeytown, in the Trinity River, engineers have build a dam creating a large artificial lake.
An area next to this lake has been made into the Whiskeytown Recreational Park.
It is here the night was spent.

Because the area for campers and motor homes was full, for 19 $ (13,75 Euros) it was allowed to camp in the “overflow”.
The parking space.

Many people come to the Whiskeytown Recreational Park pulling a boat to spend the day cruising on the lake.
Fancy boats costing a small fortune.

Camping in the parking area offered a nice opportunity to observe people driving their cars with a boat trailer to the water edge to get their boats out.
And remarkable was that not one person with a boat was alone.
All the boats were with a group of people.
Having a good time together.
The conclusion was that people who buy a boat have a successful family.
Or at least, are living together with other persons and spending the free time with them.

Another observation was the difference in physique between the men and women.
During the 3 hours of watching over a 100 persons were seen.
Most were out of shape.
Showing a body not exercised.
Showing a diet too high in fat and calories.

100 % of all the women observed were fat and overweight.
Even the young girls with often cute faces already had a belly and oversized behinds.
Not one girl or woman could be seen with a well-proportioned and attractive body.

This is not a personal opinion.
It is a cool and balanced neutral observation.

However, there were several men in excellent shape.
Who obviously were on a healthy diet and doing workouts.
Having incredibly well proportioned and muscled bodies.
No belly, no rings, no fat.

This fabulous body they didn’t mind showing.
They were wearing Bermuda’s that they let down hanging to just above the point where the penis connects to the underbelly.
To give maximum exposure to the result of their efforts.

But in a way it was tragic: their bodies showed loneliness.
Because they were all accompanied by wives very much out of shape.
Explaining that the men were in activities to look healthy, athletic and muscular not shared by their wives.
As if they were living on different planets except for the boat rides.
Lonely and separated within their relationship.

This morning a magic moment.
A mother and her son walked to the edge of the water.

Half an hour later, a father and his son walked to the same spot.



steved44 said...

Michel, boats are indeed a "friend magnet", and i am getting ready to sell mine and try the motor home route. I have followed your blog for a year and like your prospective on living and life. Did you ever manage to get the front axle problem on the fuso repaired or did the fluid change fix the problem? I do like the new colors, really professional. Steve

Joe said...

You're up in my old neck of the woods. Whiskeytown is more popular than Shasta for swimming and power boating. Houseboating, on the other hand, is all Shasta.
Since the mills closed the economy is tough in Redding, but there's a lot of outdoor stuff to do if you like to fish and hunt.

And Steved44, I've had an RV for three years and love it, its one of the best things I've ever purchased. I know people with boats and it seems to me the best thing is to know someone with a boat, that way you get to go out on it, chip in for gas and food, and not have the rest of the hassles.

Weight-watcher said...

Interesting observation.

But...what sould American women do?

How do they STACK UP to the gals you saw down south? Or back on the Continent?

What shoud be done?

You've gotta have some ideas.

Robert Hill said...

I'm also interested about the axle problem, Thanks