Friday, July 6, 2007

Fancy and pretty.

It is our last look at a Fuso Santek white as an angel.

Arrived in La Paz, car painter Paulo Javier Gonzalez Romero of Pinturas DAYCO, is going to paint the Fuso Santek tomorrow.
Based on the design of fervent and loyal blog reader Ron McLaughlin, two horizontal stripes will be painted on the sides of the Fuso Santek and the lower part will be painted as well.

Friday will be spend covering the Fuso Santek in newspapers except for the spaces where the three layer paint will be sprayed.
On Saturday it is painting day and late afternoon the Fuso Santek should be ready.

Meanwhile another company got involved for the text to be exhibited on the Fuso Santek.
Originally it was planned to have a large sticker on the back of the Fuso Santek promoting Santek Trailers, the company who build the expedition vehicle.
But for several reasons this plan has changed.
Now in 6 inch large Comic Sans letters the website address of this photographer will be presented.
Anyone wishing to find out who build this expedition vehicle can discover this through that particular website.
And much more !

The Fuso Santek will be in the hands of Pinturas DAYCO for two days.
One night lodging needs to be found somewhere in town.
A hotel.
A B&B.
Maybe Esther Amman’s “El Angel Azul”?

Also, the next posting on this blog will be delayed due to unavailability of the office until late Saturday.

We better have a good look at the Fuso Santek as she is now.
Because soon she will be transformed.
Looking fancy and pretty.



:Don said...

I thought Macintosh was famous for its graphics? lol Just kidding you about your touched up picture. It looks very professional and I also think your advertisement on the back is a great idea. Enjoy your time away from the internet and I look forward to Saturday's post and pictures.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will note write ""Fuso" on the side, unless they pay you for advertising their make.
The paint scheme looks great!