Monday, July 9, 2007

Heading north.

The journey back to the USA has started.
Today it went from La Paz to just South of Mulege.
More than 8 hours of driving.

There were several accidents.
Cars having crashed into each other sides because they do not keep far enough away from the centre of the small road.
Especially in curves this happens.

Driving is listening to XM Satellite radio.
Very interesting: this morning the finale of Wimbledon between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal was live to be heard.

But it is also time to reflect.
The last couple of weeks were almost all in the presence of other people.
Driving alone makes contemplate and meditate.
Feeling the sense again of what has been happening.

Arrived at a beautiful place near Mulege to spend the warm night, for reasons unknown the Datastorm Satellite System didn’t connect to the Internet.
Who knows what is the problem this time.

Therefore this morning a stop was made in the small town of Santa Rosalia.
A mining town where the French used to dig for copper.
Large mountains of debris around the town still reminds of the efforts.
Which make it a very unhealthy place to be.
The debris is blown by the ever-present wind into the dusty town giving the population bronchitis, lung diseases and other inconveniences.

In a shop this posting was put, mail checked and urgent messages replied to be on the way north quickly again.


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Anonymous said...

Wow ! nice picture of the "Fuso Szulc" Unbelievable what some grean lines can do.
I think I am going to get rid of my pilot Ray Bans. (kept in a drawer since the seventies)