Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cheap freedom.

It has been costing some considerable extra bucks but the Fuso Szulc is now better located on the Malibu Beach RV Park.
A view of the ocean and only one neighbour.

Some folks from Switzerland who don’t need their noisy air conditioning like the former Dutch neighbours.

It feels like trying to make the best of a bad situation.
As if we were all in a prison camp where are poor conditions and a little extra space is a major improvement.

Yesterday was an exceptional day.
Well, every day is an exceptional day but this one was most exceptional.
The thing to do was to meet architect Jennifer Siegal and photograph her.
This went extremely well and some most interesting pictures could be made.
Impossible to publish on this blog due to the copyright owned by the magazine the pictures were made for.

It was a great pleasure to meet Jennifer and besides photographing her, getting to know her.
Tomorrow there will be a new meeting.

Last night a knock on the open door.
One of the persons from the Netherlands passing by to have a chat.
It is now 7 years that living and working in the Netherlands was halted and as of then this country is briefly visited usually only once a year.
However, to speak the language of the Netherlands, called Dutch, is not a problem.
Somehow it doesn’t fade.
But there is a social and political gap.
Because no news sources about the Netherlands are ever consulted, there is no knowledge anymore what is going on in that country.
There is a disconnection and actually that feels very liberating.
These days the interest is mainly in American politics where major changes might happen influencing not only the USA but the rest of the world as well.
To follow this process is fascinating.
Who cares what is happening in a tiny country like the Netherlands.

The person from the Netherlands visiting last night, called Paul, had rented a motor home from a company called Cruise America.
He paid 3.000 $ (2.187 Euros) for a three weeks use excluding gasoline and taxes.
In the brochure it had been promised he would get an almost brand-new motor home but to the disappointment of Paul and his family this was not true.
His motor home was an oldie with 70.000 miles (113.000 kilometres) on the clock.
And not surprisingly, the motor home broke down.
He got stuck with a broken start-engine twice.
It had to be replaced and he lost two days of his holidays.
Now he is trying to get some kind of compensation and will never be a customer of Cruise America anymore.

Meanwhile a copy of the Camping World catalogue has been obtained.
In it an advertisement for the new Coachmen FreedomExpress 21QB motor home.

A 21 feet motor home on a Chevy chassis having electrical heated holding tanks, patio and slide out awnings, a 4.0KW Onan Gas generator, etc, etc.
This motor home will cost 49.995 $ (36.640 Euros), an incredible low price.
We may wonder how long the freedom with the Coachmen FreedomExpress can be enjoyed.
Is this motorhome not going to be a bird with limited freedom?

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Anonymous said...

Wow ! what a view ! well worth the xtra bucks.