Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Monica's madness.

The day divided in two.
In the morning many things to do for the progress of photography.
In the afternoon time to read the Los Angeles Times and go on a hike.

Behind the Malibu Beach RV Park are the Santa Monica hills and mountains.
One of the hiking trails is called Corral Canyon Trail.

Before to go on that trail it is advised:

“Whenever you travel outdoors alone, you should always tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return”.

But who to tell that this afternoon a hike will be made on the Corral Canyon Trailhead?
There are plenty of persons eligible but not immediately in the vicinity to take action when not returned.

So, the decision was made to go on the hike without informing anyone.
As if the recent experience of getting stuck on top of a rock bed of a volcano in the Inyo National Park, realizing how irresponsible behaviour sometimes is, never happened.

These days it is hazy and foggy in Los Angeles with a warm sun and a cool ocean breeze.
Ideal circumstances for a serious hike.

The trail went along the Corral Creek but moved up into the mountains.
Far away on top of hills houses could be seen looking like palaces.

When suddenly a trapdoor opened in the field next to the trail.

Out came a man and immediately it was realized that this was the alter ego.

We sat down overlooking from high up the Pacific Ocean and he said:

“Only those who are ready to put their prestige, their pride, their respectability, again and again at stake, and can go into something which nobody thinks is worth going into…”

At that point the man simply vanished.

There was no confusion about this statement.
So opposite to the instructions read before going on this hike.
There was just the awareness that something important to know had come.

And it was realized that never someone can be informed where going because in this life no known trails are hiked.


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