Thursday, August 30, 2007

Running into paradise.

One of the important daily activities at El Triple is the running.

Every day at about 7 pm, after completing the daily yoga exercises, the stretching starts in preparation for the running.
This always comes with a certain feeling of excitement.
The prospect of physical performance, the realization of working in a positive way on the health and the eventual contentment are constructive influences.

But also every time fearful thoughts flash through the mind whether it will be possible to run again non-stop.
Because it is feared that maybe half way the running must be stopped due to exhaustion or pain or any other serious inconvenience.
If this happens it is devastating for the morale to have to walk back.

There are two important preparations for the running.
One is to have a very light lunch at about noon and as of then not to eat anything anymore until running.
The second important thing is to build up the running.
Every day a little more time and distance to develop the muscles slowly and to adapt the body step to step to the daily performance.

Another vital issue are the shoes.
Good running shoes are essential to avoid injuries.
For years Saucony shoes are used.

Each 10 to 12 months a new pair is bought to secure having the best flexibility and shock absorption.

It is all taken very serious because the running is every single day.
Eventually, when build-up is completed, it is for about one hour each time.
That is quite something to ask of the body.
A lot of strain on the muscles, the joints, the lungs and the general endurance.

Doctors say that running two or three times a week is sufficient to have beneficial effects on the health.
But if ambition and the need to perform are sky-high, looking for ways out, running every day is a peaceful way of dealing with those powers.

The one-hour a day does not result in injuries, as is often the case with fanatic runners.
They eventually suffer of all kinds of trouble due to the intense exercise.
Which is a way of the body to protest the overloading and overdoing.
But this body is not showing any sign that running for one hour a day is too much to cope with.
And as long as it doesn’t break down and as long as it gives high contentment, why not simply enjoy it?

While running an Apple iPod is used.

To listen to music and make the exercise even more exciting.
Not just any kind of music though.
A specific kind of music that is called “Trance”.
It is electronic, very hypnotic and originating from the nightlong dance parties in the big cities of Europe and the USA.
Where young people get into a trance frenzied by this music and a drug called ecstasy.

This daily running is like a ceremony.
A celebration.
The only running that is not a running away or a running to somewhere.
It is a movement that is horizontal but lifting up vertically in exhilaration.


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