Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A human temple.

Now that the breathing exercises are done, the next step at this vista point early in the morning overlooking the Pacific Ocean is to do stretching.

Human beings are basically organs in a skeleton hold together by muscles wrapped in a skin.
By time these muscles shorten and get less flexible.
This is when the person is not keeping those muscles in shape by doing daily exercises.

It is of course a choice how to deal with the own body.
Nobody is forced or obliged to keep the muscles flexible.
But it has been figured out that when the body is considered a temple in which the person has the fantastic privilege of living, it makes the individual feel better.
It is only logic then to keep the temple clean and to maintain it well.

To feel the body to be in shape, to feel it is strong and healthy, to see the temple in all its glory, all this has a very positive influence on the self-awareness.
This is important because the main goal in life is to try to make as much new interesting work as possible.
And this is more successful when housed in a beautiful and well-maintained temple.

The stretching exercises have been learned while living in the beautiful village of Cadaques, Spain.
For more than 17 years a friendship blossoms with Kixe Grau who lives in Cadaques and who has, as one of her many activities, giving classes of yoga.
It is from beautiful Kixe that the stretching has been learned.

It needs discipline and conviction to perform these stretching exercises daily.
In the classes with Kixe that was easy.
She was so sweet, soft and gentle that it all became a pacifying pleasure.
But by oneself the motivation is personal only and the truth is that fiercely flexing muscles hurts.
In fact the body screams to stop doing that while it knows itself it is for the best of everybody.
Therefore, most of the time, Kixe is made to appear in the imagination as if she was there with her loving guidance.
A very effective method.

Today’s posting has this annex.

Fervent and loyal readers remember the issue with US Airways.
How the return date had been changed in order to get their passenger into the USA.
And that they required proof of not being in the USA anymore before they would put the airplane ticket back to its original return date.

This saga has come to a satisfactory end.
It took a few efforts to fax US Airways the document showing entrance into Mexico.
First fax number supplied didn’t work and the document sent, as an attachment to an e-mail, didn’t open it was claimed.
But eventually, using a new fax number and sent to a particular person at US Airways, it was received and the date was put back.
And as a grand gesture US Airways does not charge the 200 $ they could enforce to all these changes.
Bravo, US Airways.

There is still the other issue.
The IRS from the Netherlands having blocked the bank account for what they believe are income taxes not paid over the last couple of years.
There is a document from the IRS from the Netherlands stating that because of immigration to another country, this hard working photographer doesn’t need to pay taxes anymore in the Netherlands.
This important document is in Cadaques, Spain and it is not clear yet if it has actually been found.
Rather important because with this document the IRS of the Netherlands can be put back into the groove.
Their muscles must be made flexible as well.


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