Sunday, August 12, 2007

Frightening frustrations.

Two nights ago, in Guerrero Negro, a nice spot was found to spend the night.
Six kilometres (4 miles) out of town next to the old lighthouse.
Quiet and peaceful, overlooking the lagoon.

The Datastorm Satellite Disk was put up and soon the messages were streaming in.
That evening more communication through the Datastorm system was flowing.

However, the next morning, when switching on the Datastorm equipment, no contact with the satellite could be made.
Rather puzzling.
Why the evening before getting on the Internet with Datastorm was no problem?
While the next morning, the disk still in the same position, it was impossible?

The posting of the blog had to wait.
In a small town in the Vizacaino Desert a restaurant with WIFI was found and the posting put on the blog.

In the evening a nice place was found to spend the night.
El Juncalito at the Sea of Cortez.

Again, the Datastorm Satellite Disk was put up.
Unfortunately, no contact could be made with the satellite.
Every trick in the book was tried but to no avail.

The software is reporting TxCode 18.
“Transmitter requesting a transmit pointing test”.
And it stays in this mode for hours with no result.

When checking the Transmission Info, one can see that no transmissions were taking place.

It is impossible to know what is the problem.
Even to know if the problem is with the modem, the router or maybe even the satellite itself.

Meanwhile, this is all causing a serious problem.
Today it will be possible to reach Punta Marquez.
The place where it is planned to spend several weeks in retreat.
Not to see people.
Not to be in touch with society.
Living completely independently in the Fuso Szulc with the supply of propane, water and food.

But if the Datastorm Satellite System is not working anymore, there will be strong consequences.

One of which will be no more postings on the blog for some time to come.

This morning a stop will be made in Ciudad Constitucion.
First, a try will be made again to use the Datastorm Satellite System.
Depending of the result decisions will be made.

Several hours later.
In an Internet place annex shop.
The man who runs this place is an acquaintance for several years.
David Perez.

When checking the Datastorm Internet Satellite System just before getting into town, the same problem occurred.
The diagnosis of the system was that again it was the router.
Just like 6 weeks ago.

We have been testing the router and it is doing fine.
Now we will check the settings.

Ciudad Constitucion will not be left before the Datastorm Internet Satellite System is working.
It cannot be afforded to go to Punta Marquez and in retreat for several weeks without being able to get on the Internet.

Is this a frustrating experience?
Yes, it is.
It seems that there is a constant stream of technical problems coming this way.
One after the other.
It tires.
It wears out.
It stops from feeling happy.
There is no joy to be found in these kinds of experiences.

Another problem is still these horrible sounds coming from the front of the truck when turning slowly.
Kearny Mesa Mitsubishi Truck Dealer diagnosed it as coming from springs.
They oiled the springs and fasten the u-bolts.
But sorry to say, the problem insists.
Each time a slow turn is made, strong snapping sounds come from underneath.

Who knows what it is?
It can’t be the springs anymore…
Another frustration.

It can already be envisaged that living at Punta Marquez will be a great joy.
Only for having overcome the hurdles.

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