Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Flying forewards.

The photo session with Terry Tamminen in the garden of his beautiful house in Santa Monica was short and powerful.
The man has been in publicity often so to be portrayed is no big deal for him.
Using a silver screen to have soft, beautiful light on his face and with a curtain of bamboo in the background it needed not too many pictures to get the right one.

It turned out that Terry Tamminen was able to speak in the language of the Netherlands.
Because in the 70’s he had been working there for 6 months.
Amazing he learned in 6 months this complicated language and remembered it until today.
Fortunately he had also kept the Dutch habit of offering the visitor a good cup of coffee.

Next stop was Santek Trailers in Riverside, California, USA.
It was good to see all the friends at Santek again although Paul Westphal, the owner and manager was on holidays.
At Santek Trailers works one of the most beautiful women in the USA who has also this heart of gold Neil Young among others was looking for.
And the crew, todos Mexicanos, are very cordial chaps.
It is true that the Fuso Szulc needed to return to Santek Trailers three times now to fix issues.
Most of those issues are the result of the fact that it is a custom build vehicle and it is normal it needs them to be ironed out.
What is the most important though is that Santek Trailers gives this 100 % service.
All issues are fixed, no matter what.

This time the connection between camper box and chassis was further sophisticated.
The wiring of the back-up camera fixed and the roof-switch of the Fantastic Fan replaced.

Dinner was with dear friends John and Beverly in Temecula after serious shopping in Target.
A screened pavilion was purchased for 56 $.
The idea is that when working on location in Mexico soon, the temperatures will be too high at night to sleep inside the Fuso Szulc.
Next to the Fuso Szulc the screened pavilion will be erected to sleep inside on a cot bed.

Today the Fuso Szulc returns to its dealer in San Diego.
Kearny Mesa Truck dealer.
Over the last weeks a problem has developed in the front axle.
According to manager Ron Lucero of Kearny Mesa Mitsubishi it seems this is because a mechanic didn’t put additive to the differential of the front axle during the last oil change.
In Baxter the Mitsubishi truck dealer has corrected this and after a short time the problem, friction inside the axle and wheel bearings, disappeared.
But as of then the truck doesn’t drive as it used to do.
Still, when making sharp curves at low speed, the friction and snaps and bangs happen again.
Second, at speeds exceeding 50 miles per hour the whole front of the truck starts vibrating and shaking from left to right.
And the truck pulls heavily to the right when not holding the steering wheel.
Today the experts of Kearny Mesa Mitsubishi will have a look and it is unpredictable what will be the diagnosis.
And how long the solving of this issue will take.

This creates a limbo.
The assignment for the magazine has been accomplished.
Now the heart longs to return to Punta Marquez in Mexico to go into retreat for some months and work on new conceptual photography.
But there are also the friends who are asking to come to the art festival “The Burning Man”.
However, that takes place on August 29 and the question is what to do and where to stay during the next weeks if deciding to attend “The Burning Man”.
Conceptual photography could be made on locations in for example the Mojave Desert but this time of year it is simply too hot.
While along the coast in California it is overcrowded.

No decision can be made and for the moment it is left up to life to let happen what needs to happen.

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Anonymous said...

You need to experience Burning Man.

You need to have lots of extra digital cards for your cameras.

Please go. And report back to us.