Friday, August 10, 2007

Mosquitoes can't make pictures.

The decision to not hang around for over 2 weeks to attend later this month the art festival “The Burning Man” near Reno, Nevada, USA felt as very wise and the most appropriate thing to do.

Supplies for the own use and for a La Paz friend were bought in Trader Joe’s, the most favoured shop for food in the USA.
And already while shopping the excitement of returning to Mexico and the specific life style experienced there was mounting to high levels.

Over the last weeks the lifestyle had been very determined by this assignment.
Places to travel to, people to meet, and work to do, were all decided by other powers.
Besides, an assignment comes with obligations of delivering the highest quality possible.
There is pressure and stress.
All that is enjoyed very much but up to a point.
Now that the assignment has been performed and all the images have been delivered there is a sensation of relief.
Of having regained the own life and the own freedom.

Crossing the border was an easy procedure.
The Mexicans have plenty of parking spaces at the border.
A friendly immigration officer checks the passport and hands out a document.
This needs to be filled in and at a nearby bank 24 $ (17,50 Euro) is paid.
Returned to the immigration officer he stamps the document and that’s it.
This is a visa to stay in Mexico for up to 6 months.

The road into Mexico goes first along the border.
On one side is the misery called Tijuana.
On the other side is the wall.

The first night on a campground next to the Pacific Ocean south of San Quintin.
It’s called “El Pabillon”.

Special is that for 100 Mexican Pesos (9 $, 6,60 Euros) included are showers with warm salty water.
Stopping the soap and shampoo from foaming.

And included are also the millions of mosquitoes.
Somehow these vicious creatures manage to get into the Fuso Szulc.
And disturb what should have been a peaceful night of sleep.

Fortunately repellent was on board and generously applied.
But it seemed these particular “El Pabillon” mosquitoes liked the stuff.
It didn’t stop them.
To the contrary.
Many more were imagined to circle above the body filled with delicious blood.

A new strategy was applied because as a human being one cannot allow to be a victim of tiny mosquitoes.
What is a mosquito compared to a photographer?
It can’t even hold a camera in its feet like a monkey can.

The new strategy, and it is considered to have it patented, is to open all the windows and doors and roof vents as wide as possible.
This allows all mosquitoes in the neighbourhood to come in.
But it also allows them to go out.

Because it has been observed that once mosquitoes are inside, at one point they want to go outside again.
They even kind of panic when they can’t get out anymore.

After opening all windows and doors and roof vents one gets under the sheet of the bed and covers the whole body.
This includes the head.
However, a small opening is made to have the nose stick out.
This to be able to breath fresh air.

It is a 100 % effective method.
One can actually hear and feel the totally frustrated mosquitoes circle above the target.
One can feel them think that they realize they can’t get at the blood and decide to try their luck somewhere else.
They fly out of the window again.

This was how the night was spent.
Completely covered by a sheet and laughing at the frustrated mosquitoes.
But there were also very weird dreams.



Wendy said...

Would u like me to send you a klamboe???


henryacland said...

Dear Michel,

I enjoyed the discussion about mosquitoes. They torment me and the bites take 4-5 days to abate. But I find I get unbearably hot if I cover myself with a sheet; I have tried many times.

Your solution set me thinking about domestic problems I have solved.

This is a miniscule problem to do with refilling the pepper grinder.

I have yet to find a pepper grinder that is designed so that it is easy to fill. However careful I am, some of the pepper corns fall on the floor where they behave like small ball bearings and irritate me when I step on them. I told you; this is a small small problem.


Henry sez: take the top off the grinder, grab a handfull of pepper corns in one hand and THEN STEP OUTSIDE!! All escapee corns fall in the dirt or garden and are never seen again.

Brilliant, huh?

Dealing with small problems is just as interesting as dealing with big ones, n'est ce pas?

I can envisage the road you are taking. I have done it twice and it is one of the best trips ever. I love the cactus empire. And the boojums.

Be well
Do good work
Stay in touch

(Stolen from Garison Keillor)

Henry A