Sunday, August 26, 2007

Peace or panic 2.

Friday morning at about 10.

Yesterday, for the first time in 7 years, the day at El Triple was spent together with a friend.
This was beautiful.
Intimate and warm.

The problem with the Datastorm Satellite System was discussed.
That access to the Internet is denied by the Service Provider because the monthly fee seems not to have been paid.
Because of probably a malfunctioning credit card.

The sweet and helpful friend immediately offered to make the phone calls.
Supplied with all the information about the Datastorm Satellite System she has returned to La Paz.

Now it is Friday.
The sky is overcast and a few raindrops fall.
Probably because of hurricane Dean.

The question on the mind is of course what is happening in La Paz.
Will it be possible for the sweet and helpful friend to solve the problem with the Service Provider?
If so, it will be noticed when again it will be possible to get on the Internet.
If it is more complicated than expected, the sweet and helpful friend has no way to communicate with El Triple.
But it will be noticed because of continuing denial by the Service Provider to access the Internet.

It is an intriguing situation.
Even exciting in a peculiar way.
It is becoming an interesting experience.


Friday at about 11.20 a.m.

The first time to switch on the Datastorm Satellite System.
The sweet and helpful friend said yesterday she would call to Motosat, the IPS (Internet Service Provider) in the USA, this morning starting at 8 a.m.
So by now some result might be expected?

What is the result?
The status is still that the Service Provider denies access to the Internet.
And they have a new message!
Yesterday it said:

“VSAT service suspended due to billing lock at WED AUG 22 12:33 2007.”

And now, Friday morning, a new message has appeared:

“VSAT decommissioned at FRI AUG 24 12:56 2007.”

What the hell is that about???

The system will be switched off.
A simple lunch will be enjoyed followed by a peaceful nap.
To go fishing because it is high tide, a calm sea and supplies are low after almost two weeks.
Later in the afternoon attention will be given to the situation with the Service Provider.

It is a weird situation not to have access to the Internet.
Over the years working at El Triple, never this option was available.
Up to three weeks would be spend here to go to an Internet Café in La Paz to check the mail.
During those years life went on and work was made and everything went like normal.
So this idea that it is vital to have Internet at El Triple is relative.

There are two good reasons though to have Internet at El Triple.
One is for safety.
To know about possible hurricanes coming this way or other dangerous situations requiring communication.
Secondly it is the posting of the daily blog and serving its hundreds of readers.
The first reason affects only one person and the unfortunate situation with Motosat can be digested without too many hiccups.
But the second reason is more annoying.
It feels very unsettling to have to disappoint fervent and loyal blog readers who do not even have a clue what is going on.

One thing though we know for sure.
The sweet and helpful friend in La Paz will do everything she can to settle this matter and already for that we are very thankful to her.


Friday evening at about 09.00 p.m.

Still decommissioned….
Out here in the boondocks incommunicado and in the dark.


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