Tuesday, August 21, 2007

India in Mexico.

After waking up and settling matters with the subconscious, it is every morning to a specific spot in front of the Fuso Szulc.
It is at the edge of the cliff from where a commanding view.
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean at an unobstructed angle of 180 degrees.
Seeing the morning sky at an angle of 360 degrees.
And having the first pee of the day at an encouraging angle of 70 degrees.

The air at El Triple is probably not polluted.
There is no town and no industry nearby and most of the time the wind is from the northwest.
That is from Japan and that country is pretty far away.
While in a place like Riverside, California, USA, the air is so polluted that breathing in is naturally objected by the body, at El Triple where the air is clean, clear and rich in oxygen, the lungs long to fill themselves.

This is the first exercise of the day.
To stand humbly facing the ocean and taking deep breathes.
Filling the lungs to their max capacity having the upper torso swell up like the dick of a whale.
Letting the air in through the nose in a gentle and seemingly endless way.
Letting the air out by way of the mouth releasing all tension, negativity and hyperactivity.

This may all sound like an exercise practiced in the better mental hospitals.
Some idiot obsessed by breathing.

It is fine if one likes to think that.
Some like sugar in the coffee and some like pepper in the stew.
Let each of us have it as one likes.

These breathing exercises early in the morning, while the sun comes up and the first pelicans pass by patrolling the waves of the ocean, are nothing exceptional.
For thousands of years human beings have been doing these breathing exercises.
Knowing the benefits and the healthy effects they have.

It all depends in what kind of religious and cultural environment one has been growing up.
And how open one is later in life for things coming one’s way.

Having been born in a European aristocratic family and having had a Roman Catholic education, there was not much in the sense of breathing exercises going on.
The parents were very much into offering their children a healthy physical life but this within the cultural and traditional doctrines of Europe.

For example, somehow they knew that cod-liver oil was good for the health of their children and they were instructed to take a round, brown and shiny pill a day.
Somehow the parents knew that a sun-lamp in wintertime was good for the health therefore many evenings the children undressed, put on funny goggles and had to lay on a blanket in the light of the sun-lamp.

However, doing breathing exercises, yoga and meditation was completely strange to them.
It was not built within their concept of life.

Only later, after this individual dropped a lot of that past and kept much of it also, travelled to countries like India, he opened up and learned about an approach to life of a different kind.
Different ways for well-being.

One of the consequences is these early morning breathing exercises.
India in Mexico.


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