Monday, August 13, 2007

Free of frustrations.

In the centre of the town of Ciudad Constitucion, Baja California, Mexico, is a boulevard with two annex streets parallel to it.
The boulevard is the main highway.

Driving south on the annex street the intention was to turn left, cross the boulevard and get into town to go and see David Perez for fixing the failing Datastorm Satellite System.

In front of a traffic light waiting to turn left, a man came to the Fuso Szulc.
He said:
“Good morning.
You want to turn left but the street on the other side of the boulevard is a one-way street.
You can’t drive into that street.
You must go to the next crossing where you can turn left.”

The man was thanked.
Next, he reached out his hand to shake warmly.

That was a stunning experience and it was wondered in how many places on this earth people are that friendly.

It was also taken as a good sign for solving the problem with the Datastorm Satellite System.

David Perez is running an Internet place.
In a large space he has about 30 computers where people pay 5 Pesos (0,45 $ / 0,33 Euro) per hour for high speed Internet access.
For several years frequently David’s Internet place has been visited and friendly chats with him made.

David Perez suggested taking the router out of the Fuso Szulc to test it with one of his computers.
To see if the router was broken as the diagnosis of the HN 7000S was claiming.

The router seemed to work fine.

Next step was to check if the settings of the router were maybe corrupt.
To access the router on its IP-address was a problem.
First it was impossible.
But later somehow it worked.
All the settings were correct.

The router was put back into the Fuso Szulc and a new test was performed.

Because right next to the Fuso Szulc was a Unisex hair saloon it was decided to have a haircut.
While the lady was cutting away, from the large mirror it could be seen how the Datastorm disk moved up in search of the Satmex satellite.

As always, it went up, found something and went down in stored position.
A second try gave the same result.
The third time it went up, locked to the Satmex satellite and connection was established.
The system was working again.

The good news was communicated to David Perez who was as happy.
He charged nothing for his involvement.
He got a present instead.

Supplies were bought in a supermarket.
Fuel tank filled and off it was to Punta Marquez.


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