Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eclipsing the joke of life.

The photographic work going on at El Triple these days is making landscapes.
Pictures of interesting situations in the landscape and of the sky.
The idea is to later combine these images in a surprising way.
With a software program called Adobe Photoshop C3 it is possible for example to have above a sunny landscape a sky as it is during the night.

Yesterday it was full moon and after doing the daily running followed by bathing in the very cool ocean everything was made ready to photograph the landscape with the rising moon.
It was a beautiful moonrise and clouds gave this extra dramatic effect.

After a simple dinner, just some vegetables and pasta, the computer was switched on and the e-mails of the day were received.
One was from the sweet and helpful friend from La Paz, by now well known with the fervent and loyal blog readers.
She informed that during the night there would be a total eclipse of the moon.
This very moon that had just been photographed!

This kind of congruent coincidence immediately brings to mind part of the Bob Dylan song “All around the watchtower”:

“There are many here among us
Who feel that life is but a joke
But you and I we’ve been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hours getting late”.

The sweet and helpful friend had informed the eclipse would be at 4 a.m.
But at 3.15 a.m., out of pure excitement, looking through the large roof vent of the Fuso Szulc, the beginning of the eclipse could already be seen.

This was the second lunar eclipse this year but the longest one in 7 years lasting over 90 minutes.

For over one hour pictures were taken of this magical event.
To observe that in fact two phenomenons occur.
One is that the moon slowly is covered by the shadow of the earth.
And in sync with this is the other event that slowly all the stars around the moon start to appear.

While watching the eclipse, there was a falling star.
Authorizing the observer to make a wish.

Early in the morning, after some hours of more sleep, the full moon could be seen setting into the ocean.


To learn more about the lunar eclipse of last night, click on:
University of North Dakota



Paul. said...

Happy to see you back on line with the help of your friend in La Paz. Here in Saskatchewan Canada we did not get to see the eclipse as was cloudy at that time. Thanks.

From one of "your fervent and loyal" blog readers.


Anonymous said...


Thanks to your sweet friend you nailed the eclipse.

Great pix!

(Anything else nailed?)