Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stalled in a stall.

Not too long ago, waiting in the “Estacion del Norte” in Barcelona, Spain, to catch the bus to Cadaques.
A 2 hours ride and therefore it was decided better to use the public bathrooms before departure.

There were two urinals and the other one was in use by a man already.
A young man.
Maybe between 29 and 35 years old.
Dressed in a modern way.

While standing next to this man and concentrating on a necessary job to avoid getting into trouble later in the bus, it was felt the man was looking.
Trying to make eye contact.
Seeing the man in the face he was looking indeed and after he was sure he had the attention he quickly looked down to his relieving activity and back up into the eyes of his neighbour and back to his activity and back to the eyes.
He obviously wanted the other person to see what he was doing.
Following his silent instructions it could be seen he was not relieving himself at all.
With his hand he was massaging his half swollen penis.
This guy was getting a kick of masturbating in a public toilet needing other men to see this activity.

Not being gay it is not very interesting to watch a guy masturbate himself in a public toilet.
Besides that the mind is not really focused nor prepared on these kinds of exotic experiences and extravagances of others when needing to relieve oneself and when shortly a bus is there to catch and soon dear friends will be met.

Without saying anything to the guy, after job done, the public toilet was left.
Pity was felt for the masturbating man.

Each of us hopefully has sexuality to experience.
That can be a great source of pleasure and happiness.
And we human beings have the liberty to live this sexuality as we like.
We can make it beautiful.
We can make it ugly.
The guy in “Estacion del Norte” in Barcelona, Spain, was not showing a very beautiful way of having his sexuality.
It is hard to imagine that the man comes out of the public toilet feeling proud of himself, happily and fully satisfied and positive.
That inability of him to have sex in a more paradise like way showers plenty of pity on him.

The truth is though, that besides pity also some aggression was felt towards the guy.
In the end he is confronting other men with his obsession.
His specific way of getting sexual excitement.
Disrespecting the other person’s privacy.
Intruding his half swollen penis into his neighbour’s lives.
That is not so nice.
But is that a reason to get upset and beat the guy up?
Explaining that he was throwing his dirt and now he gets it from the other?
Or is it a reason to call the police and ask them to arrest the guy?

In this case the decision was made not to escalate the matter.
OK, a guy masturbating in a public place: big deal.
Weirdoes can be found anywhere.
Many times public toilets were used when nothing happened so how important is this all?
And how often are women not harassed by horny men and this everywhere in public?

It was also considered an idea to have a conversation with the guy.
A deadly conversation shrinking his penis immediately as if he suddenly was dropped pants down in the sub zero temps of the North Pole.

Maybe saying to him: “Yes, and….?” would already be effective.
“Do you happen to know what Donald Rumsfeld is doing these days?”
Test the guy’s sense of humour.

This posting is of course inspired by the events around Republican Senator Bill Craig.
62 years old and haunted by rumours he is homosexual.
He got involved in an unfortunate story at an airport’s public toilet.
While more serious crime is everywhere, the police force has employees sitting in stalls of public toilets trying to catch men who look for sexual adventures.
Sergeant Karsnia is one of them.
This policeman has the horrible task to sit in a stall of an airport’s public toilet probably for hours, waiting for men to come to occupy the adjacent stall and see if they make any passes fitting in the codes men use to get involved with each other.

A man in the USA making passes in a public toilet is guilty of disorderly conduct.
Seriously punished: Senator Craig paid $ 575, was put on unsupervised probation for one year and a sentence of 10 days in the county workhouse was stayed.
And suddenly his whole career, job and reputation are in danger and might go down the drains.
Pathetically he gave a press conference with his wife on his side, not taking questions of journalists, declaring:
“I am not gay and I never was”.
Fine, but then what was all his monkeying in that stall about?


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