Thursday, August 9, 2007

The burning burried.

At Kearny Mesa Truck Centre in San Diego, California, USA, Mitsubishi Fuso mechanics go back to school every year.
To get up to date training.
That’s why they are highly skilled.

Mechanic John listened carefully to what the problem was.
Banging noises coming from the front axle when making curves at low speed.
Trembling of truck cabin when at speeds higher than 50 miles.
Strong pulling of the steering wheel to the right.

He asked for a test drive and when getting out of the Kearny Mesa Truck Centre turning right on the road the strong banging noise could be heard.

Immediately mechanic John knew what it was.
The springs!!!
And indeed, it turned out that the u-bolts holding the springs to the front axle were slightly loose.
They were tightened and the springs greased and that took care of the problem.
A great relief on all sides because nobody wanted to experience serious problems with the differential of the front axle as was previously thought.

The company was called to do the alignment again.
It was 15 mm (0,6 inch) off and it could not be explained exactly why that was.
Maybe because of the loose nuts of the U-bolts?
Or maybe the nuts of the U-bolts got loose because the alignment was off?
Some hours later the crew arrived and the alignment was made once more.

It took a day but now the Fuso Szulc is back in shape and ready to travel.

Next, the decision had to be made how to plan for the coming weeks.
Originally the idea was to return to Punta Marquez and make more conceptual photography.
But then this art festival “The Burning Man” came up and a consideration to go to.
A big question what to decide where to go.

The major issue is that “The Burning Man” starts on August 28.
19 days from now.
It takes 3 days to drive to the location near Reno, Nevada.
Leaves a gap of 16 days.
It seems not possible to make those 16 days productive one way or the other.
This is because of the time of the year.
If not close to the coast, inland it is steaming hot.
And along the coast it is overcrowded.

It is essential to make days productive.
It is impossible to simply do nothing.
Life must be a river, not a pond.

Another consideration is that it’s expensive to go to “The Burning Man”.
It is about 1.500 miles to drive.
Up and down.
Over 600 $ of diesel.
And “The Burning Man” asks an entrance fee of 280 $.

A most important and vital aspect is that it’s not free to just make pictures at “The Burning Man”.
One needs a special permit.
Coming with a long list of obligations and responsibilities.
The idea that one can simply walk around and make pictures is wrong.
Each camera needs to be registered and tagged.
And each photographer needs to register, a long and complicated procedure, and hope to obtain permission.
This aspect plays a very important role in the deciding process.

Last consideration is that the idea of visiting “The Burning Man” was to go with a certain person.
That person can’t come.

Conclusion, this year no visit to “The Burning Man”.
And it’s off to Mexico.

Like last year, it is a return to the beaches of the Pacific Coast near Punta Marquez in Mexico.
Where new conceptual work can be made.
A book and exhibition of this new work is planned for next year and to have enough works to choose from, a lot more must be made.
This is a more urgent matter than to go to art-festivals with limitations on making pictures.



henryacland said...


Glad to hear your truck problems were reletively minor. So many times, what we anticipate will be a quick fix turns out to be a four figure nightmare.

I think you are right about Burning Man. It seems delightful and creative. But also cultish and narcissistic. Something we specialize in here in the US.

Best wishes for the next stage of your journey.


Clarke Hockwald said...

Has there been any development, or resolution to your Dutch IRS situation?