Saturday, August 25, 2007

Panic or peace 1.

Suddenly El Triple turned into the opposite.
It was a peaceful place where life was in harmony.
And now it is something very different.

What is disrupting this paradise on earth?

Yesterday the link with the world through Internet suddenly disconnected.
Checking the diagnosis of the Datastorm System, the message was found:
“Service suspended due to billing lock at Wednesday August 22. Contact Service Provider”

Billing lock?
What is billing lock?

The only thing that can be imagined is that there is a problem with the monthly fee that needs to be paid to the Service Provider.
This monthly amount is transferred automatically by credit card.
The credit card however is connected to the bank account blocked by the IRS in the Netherlands.
Maybe somehow the credit card is not working properly anymore and the Internet Provider was unable to get their monthly fee?
And it seems they simply disconnect when the money is not received.
Without a warning.

The message is to contact the Service Provider.
Two problems:
There is no indication what is their name or phone number.
No idea who is the Service Provider.
Paul Angerami of the company Satellite Advantage arranged the provider for the Datastorm Satellite System when he installed the system on the Lazy Daze.
When changing from the Lazy Daze to the Fuso Szulc a whole new Datastorm Satellite System was obtained and installed, but the provider was kept.

By contacting Paul Angerami it can be found out who is the provider and how to get in touch with them.

However, the second problem is that at “El Triple” is no phone.
No signal to use a mobile phone.
Too far away from the civilised world.

This means that the camp at El Triple must be dismantled and the challenging journey made to La Paz, the nearest town with facilities.
To make the phone calls and see if the problem can be solved.

To return to La Paz is loathed.
It is a lot of effort to break down the camp.
The road is very bad and hard to negotiate.
It is going to take days to settle this problem.

Events in life often come in clusters.
Like a sudden intensification of the energy making us live and experience things.

Yesterday the connection with the Internet stopped and today a visitor from La Paz is expected.
The first visitor coming to El Triple in 7 years.

Maybe there is an option that the visiting friend, returned to La Paz, can get in touch with Paul Angerami and the Service Provider to get the access reinstated.

At this moment in time it is unclear how this new problem will be resolved.
The friend has not arrived yet.

The feeling about the whole thing is like before.
These kinds of problems are so incredibly uninteresting.
They ask a lot of time and energy to resolve while in fact they are totally unnecessary complications.
There is nothing challenging about them: a few phone calls and it is settled.
It cannot be seen what is the benefit of these experiences.

However, there is this tremendous luck that today by complete coincidence this friend is coming to visit.
Who might be able to settle the problem after she has returned to La Paz.

Let’s see if she wants to get involved so that the Datastorm Internet Satellite complication turns into an event absorbing and shining her beauty and goodness.


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