Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mourn and celebrate.

There are two different ethnic groups in this area.
Baja California Sur, Mexico.
One group is the original population.
Mexican people.
Having ranchos and living of raising cattle.
The other group came in this area only recently.
People from the USA having money and building themselves places to retire or to make holidays.

These two ethnic groups do not mix much.

Take the 4th of July.

At the rancho of Lupe MontaƱo a large group of Mexicans had come together.
Padre Fernando had come from Santiago to read Mass.
In memory of all the deceased people of this area.
After the service there were drinks and food.

At about 15 kilometres (9 miles) from Lupe’s rancho in a building called Villa Los Frailes a large group of Americans had come together some hours later.
It was to celebrate Independence Day.
There was food and drinks.
And fireworks.

This is a posting containing not an opinion.
It is a report of neutral observations.

There is a lot what could be said about the situation at the East Cape of Baja California, Mexico.
But it is all a natural process.
A social automatism.

And it is time to travel again.
To La Paz today.



Esther said...

The world's richest man is Mexican, his name is Carlos Slim.
(I don't know if this link will work)

There are very many wealthy Mexicans too. However, they tend to live in the major cities and travel elsewhere for vacation, such as the US and Europe. You will see many of them in Aspen.

In a country such as Mexico with a struggling middle class, the disparity between rich and poor is always very striking. The same can be said of America.

Worried in the West said...

Taxpayers of the city of L.A. are financing the largest population of Mexicans outside of the Country of Mexico.

That would include complimentary schools (LA is in the middle of a HUGE classroom-construction project that benefits immigrants) and social services of all kinds, including medical care which is about to bring one major emergency-room facility to its knees.

U.S. "visitors" in the City of Angels are sending millions dollars earned here illegally south to prop up the villages they've abandoned.

Now, there are worries that the village escapees are damaging the psychic well-being of those lingering in the vacated pueblos.

Is another foreign-assistance handout on the horizon? Oh my.

Fred Wishnie said...

Possibly the different moods were caused by one group gathering to memorialize a deceased relative, and the other gathering to celebrated the independence of their country?

Roland Pesch said...

For "Worried in the West": many economists believe undocumented migrants contribute more to their host economy than they take. Incidentally, there is nothing illegal about sending earnings to another country.

For Michel: a quibble...the Mexicans certainly have a longer history in BCS, but they are not the original population. Sadly, that original population was completely obliterated, as has also happened in many other places Europeans settled during their age of colonization.