Saturday, July 7, 2007

Now the name is: "FUSO SZULC".

Something was not antipicipated when it was decided that Paulo Xavier Gonzalez Romero was going to paint the Fuso Santek.
Next to the house and the shop was the large area where the painting would take place but the entrance was partly blocked by trees.
The only way for the Fuso Santek to enter was to cut the sides of the trees.
This was a decision to be made by Xavier’s father.
Don Ramon Gonzalez.
Not easy.
The trees being beautiful.
Don Ramon had a hard time making up his mind.
His son Xavier already started calling a colleague to take over the job of painting the Fuso Santek.
But after one hour and a half, finally the father gave permission.
With a machete the branches blocking the entrance were cut.

While this was going on somebody parked his car behind the Fuso Santek and crossed the street to start working in a car parts store.
But looking at the owner of the Fuso Santek, this man suddenly stopped and slowly came back.
He approached and said: “Miguel, how are you ?”
It was Francisco Javier Cadena.
More than 15 years ago he was living and working on a rancho called El Triple.
This rancho was about half an hour from Punta Marquez where the conceptual photography was made on the deserted beaches of the Pacific Ocean two hours from La Paz.
At the time Mayumi was there as well and frequently we would meet Francisco Javier Cadena and his family.
For several years, going to Punta Marquez, Francisco Javier Cadena and his family were there in their little house taking care of cattle and having a meagre existence.
Eventually they had to give up.
There was not enough rain and consequently no water in the well to survive.
Probably the last time Francisco Javier Cadena was met was more than 10 years ago.
Amazingly he recognised after all those years and revived the memory quickly.
How wonderful and warm to see Francisco Javier Cadena again.
He works now 6 days a week in a car parts store and is married.

Most work to paint a camper is covering.
Because the paint needs to go to particular places only, all the other places need to be covered with newspapers.
On Friday Paulo Xavier Gonzalez Romero first marked the areas on the Fuso Santek that are going to be painted Jupiter green.;
This needed a lot of discussion and input from several persons.
Aesthetic aspects played a major role.

Once the lines of the areas to be painted were marked, the long and precise job of covering most of the Fuso Santek could start.

Meanwhile a person was called having a shop for lettering.
Two sets of texts were ordered.
6 inches high, green and in Comic Sans.
One set will be mounted on the back and one on the wind cone on the front.

The decision has been made that now that the expedition vehicle has found its ultimate way of presenting itself, it is time to baptize it with its final name.

From now on this expedition vehicle is called the Fuso Szulc.
The Fuso Szulc build by Santek Trailers.

Today, Saturday, the painting will happen.
And the mounting of the two texts.

It should all be done in the late afternoon.
Painting a camper in two days.
Bravo Paulo Xavier Gonzalez Romero.

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