Monday, July 30, 2007

Together in Malibu.

It is because of the assignment otherwise never ever would even one night have been spent using “Malibu Beach RV Park”.
But it is the only trailer park close to Los Angeles with spaces available this time of year.
All the nearby State beaches and parks with camping facilities are booked full for weeks.
Staying in a Wal*Mart parking lot is a miserable experience.
Spending the night illegally sneaking in and out a residential area is not an acceptable policy for the Fuso Szulc.
Therefore it is the “Malibu Beach RV Park”.
To the West of Los Angeles.

“Malibu Beach RV Park” is located on a hillside overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway and the Pacific Ocean.

It is a rather small park but nevertheless they have managed to squeeze in more than 114 RV spaces and 50 tent sites.
The space between the motor homes is less than 2 meters (6,56 feet).

Most people with an RV pay 90 $ (66 Euros) a night which makes “Malibu Beach RV Park” a very expensive place to stay.
And maybe an interesting source of income for the owners with a potential of over 10.000 $ (7332,45 Euros) per night.

Many of the RV’ers here are Europeans with rented motor homes.
In fact, the Fuso Szulc is surrounded by people from the Netherlands and their undisciplined children.

Being put so close to each other is one thing, but the Fire Department of Malibu has ordered that all RV’s must be with their front to the road.
The idea is that in case of a calamity the motor homes can leave more easily.
For the Fuso Szulc this means that the side with the view is now facing the steep hillside.
Originally the Fuso Szulc was of course parked the other way having a magisterial and magical view of the Pacific Ocean but a lady in a golf cart belonging to “Malibu Beach RV Park” came to say that the Fuso Szulc had to be immediately put in the reverse position.

Now the view is a dark wall of sand and grass.

Being so close to another RV makes “Malibu Beach RV Park” as noisy as Bakersfield Palms RV Resort of last night.
Where trains were thundering through the camper.

This time, the neighbours from the Netherlands like to run their air conditioning although the outside temperature is only 24 degrees Centigrade (75 Fahrenheit).
They prefer to keep all windows and roof vents closed and enjoy the air conditioning.
The XM-radio has to be put on double volume to avoid thinking one is accidentally living in a power plant.

Also at “Malibu Beach RV Park”, like at Bakersfield Palms RV Resort, the promised WIFI is not working.
How lucky the Fuso Szulc is to have its own Datastorm Internet system.
This thing though is rather endemic: hotels and trailer parks promising WIFI in their PR but once there it doesn’t work.

Here 9 nights and days will be spend.
But of course an effort will be made to change location and to get a better place at “Malibu Beach RV Park”.

Today photographing Jennifer Siegal.
A progressive architect involved in ecological friendly building.
A true Prima Donna.
She is the first person in the career of this photographer, which is spanning over 37 years, who has requested a make-up artist/hairdresser.
Before pictures are made, make up needs to be applied and the hair done.
Not by herself but by a professional.
This has to be paid for by the magazine the photographer works for.
Now, that is style!
But we will see today how Prima the Donna in fact is.


To learn more about the work of Jennifer Siegal, click on:



Anonymous said...

Interesting pics, thanks,

Anonymous said...

It might just be the perspective in the photo, but your vehicle appears higher then average. When you gave vehicle dimensions I don't remember your stating it's height. Needing to be aware of clearance I'm sure you've checked it, and I'd be curious of the height to the top of the box, and then how much more height you need for the datastorm to pass. Most places out West I don't think clearance height is much of an issue, but in the Northeast with old bridges we need to constantly monitor it.


Don Howe