Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Pope is God.

We know now for sure which church is the one and only.
Which church is the key to true religion and the gateway to heaven.

Pope Benedictus the 16th, in fact an 80 year old German by the name of Joseph Alois Ratzinger, head of the Roman Catholic Church, has published a document this week stating that it is the church of which he is the head happens to be the one and only.

All the other churches do not have “the means of salvation”.
Or they are not real churches because they refuse to recognize the primacy of the pope.
And Joseph Ratzinger remembers us that it was Christ himself who established only one true church and surprise, surprise, it happens to be the Roman Catholic Church with its headquarters in Rome, Italy.
All the other churches are deprivations, false and wrong.
Protestants, Anglicans, Catholic Orthodox, and Mormons: sorry but because you are in the wrong church you are not going to be able to go to heaven.

Initial response of any sane person to this official document is that an old man is talking nonsense and is becoming an idiot.
Old age can affect the brains and therefore the thinking.
This seems to affect the patriarch.

In the end, this document and what it says is not about religion and salvation.
It is about Joseph Ratzinger himself.
Because the conclusion of this document is that he himself is the most important person in the religious world.
It is the logic that if the Roman Catholic Church is the true church, its head is almost Christ himself.

We have seen over and over again persons getting into a powerful positions and next getting mixed up.
Joseph Stalin is a good example.
Their perception of themselves gets twisted completely and often a personal cult is created.
They start to believe seriously in their own delusions.
Surrounded by persons who confirm those delusions, before we know millions have died in concentration and labour camps and millions and millions of sincere religious persons are suddenly made feel lost with their own church.

There are more implications to this document published by the Vatican this week.
The Pope of Rome is not the first one to claim his religion and his church is the one and only.
And threatening.
If you don’t accept what he says, you will not be able to find salvation.
There are fundamental Islamists who claim exactly the same thing.
They divide the world in believers and non-believers.
While they decide themselves what a believer is.
The one who has become a Muslim.

It is this way of escalating things that has made the world not only an unhappy place, but a dangerous one as well.
It is very unfortunate that a civilised and a well-educated man applies methods totally condemnable.
In Buddhism it is recognised that not everybody is a Buddhist.
Because a Buddhist respects life without restrictions, a fellow human being deciding to believe something else than Buddhism is respected nevertheless.
Harmony is always to be preferred.
Freedom of every individual starts with not imposing a limitation of freedom on others.

Joseph Ratzinger had an unusual life.
He was never married.
He never was in a relationship.
He never kissed, we may suppose, and never experienced physical affection and unity.
He never had a wife and children he could love and who loved him.
Inside him, a part must be very disappointed and dissatisfied.
Muffled and suppressed by believing in his religion.
That is the mind controlling the heart and soul.
Joseph Ratzinger wants the world now at his feet to compensate for the huge gap in the balance he is making up at the end of his life.
Another psychopathic personality messing up the world community.

But tonight, near Bakersfield, California, USA, God was writing an answer in the sky in reply to Joseph Ratzinger's document:



mandira said...

I wonder why there are no reactions to this post. Michel, you are treading on a very dangerous terrain, God bless you!
Just a joke about the Pope to share with all the readers.
During his visit to USA Pope had some free time and decided to go for a ride in the country. They were driving on an empty highway and the Pope asked his driver to stop, because he himself wanted to sit behind the wheel. So they changed places and the Pope stepped on the gas pedal. And yes, just as he was speeding at 200 km, as they do in Germany, they heard a siren and a traffic police motorbike overtook them.
They had to stop and the officer looked in. He immediately phoned his superiors and stumbled something about an important traffic abuser. "The governor on the state?" "No, sir, higher." "What, the President himself?" "No, sir, I don't know who he is, but he has the Pope for a chauffeur."

Love, Mandira

:Don said...

"Religion is for people who believe in hell, spirituality is for people that have been there." -- author unknown

I love your joke, mandira. lol! The catholic church is the biggest joke of all.

Personally I think the world would be a better place without religion, but as long as people fear death, man will use that fear to manipulate and control people (most religions are based on what happens to one after they die). Most of the gods have been killed off by education, but a few residual personifications still manifest as 'ultimate rulers' to which only a privileged select few men have access. I say let them have 'em and hell too!