Wednesday, July 4, 2007


This is one of these days that no idea has come up what to write about.

There have been no extraordinary events taking place recently.
Life is calm, harmonious, constructive and happy.

There are exciting developments though with the project “The most beautiful people in the world” which will be performed in Beijing, China, later this year.
And today are the celebrations of Independence Day in a villa near the Sea of Cortez with a group of American friends.
And the Mass in memory of Angelito Gonzales.
While tomorrow Punta Boca del Salado will be left behind to go to San Jose del Cabo to have the Fuso Santek painted as designed by loyal and fervent blogreader Ron McLaughlin.
Events in the near future not happening right now.

This morning and this moment is quiet and warm.
The sea is like a mirror.
Hardly any wind.
27.4 degrees Centigrade (81 degrees Fahrenheit) at 08.41 hours.

The XM radio is tuned to the Audio Visions channel.
New Age sounds adding to the harmony and peace of this beautiful morning.

Time to read what Osho has to say about creativity:

“Creativity simply means you are in a total relaxation.
It does not mean inaction, it means relaxation, because out of relaxation much action will be born.
But that will be not your doing, you will be just a vehicle.
A song will start coming through you: you are not the creator of it, it comes from the beyond.
It always comes from the beyond.
When you create it, it is just ordinary, mundane.
When it comes through you it has superb beauty.
This is the state of creativity.
What Lao Tzu calls: “Wei-wu-wei”.
Allowing something to happen through you.
It is not a doing, it is an allowing.
It is becoming a passage so the whole can flow through you.
It is becoming a hollow bamboo.
Just a hollow bamboo.”

Half an hour ago there was no idea what to write about today.
A blank document was opened and somehow there is a posting now.


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