Friday, June 1, 2007

Travelling in memories.

Sometimes it is like being completely out of control when travelling and living a nomadic life.
Being open and free, it leads one into situations of surprise.
Not of the own choice but decided by circumstances, who one knows and what coincidence wants to introduce.

This afternoon in a resort hotel in the Tatra Mountains a conference of over 200 European dentists was visited.
Unfortunately for the dentists the Olympic sized indoor heated swimming pool was closed.
But not the bar.
While in the conference room on a huge screen the most horrific images were projected of open mouths with decaying teeth being restored, witnessed by only about 20 dentists, the others were enjoying Polish beer, each other’s company and taking it easy.

Next was a visit to a factory where aluminium windows were made.
15 workers had a good job there and the owner, called Piotr Zytkowicz, invited for a tea in his home.
Married and having four daughters and one son right away it was clear this was a happy family.
United and prosperous.

Piotr Zytkowicz made tea: of natural mineral water from the mountain behind the house, a slice of lemon and natural tealeaves plus a helping of rum.
Most delicious tea.
Soon the conversation was about business and politics.
His prosperity with his small company had come after Poland was liberated from the suffocating grip of the USSR and Communism.
Now it is Capitalism in a most extreme way.
His 19-year-old daughter Anka wants to go and study at the University in Krakow.
This is possible but because the Government is not financially supporting students, only the ones with wealthy parents can afford it.
Fortunately enough aluminium window frames are manufactured and sold by Piotr Zytkowicz to have the money to give his children a good education.

Later, the 19-year-old daughter of Piotr, called Anka, came in the Porsche Cayenne back to the town of Nowy Sadz.

An opportunity to learn more about the life of a young Polish woman living today.
Does she play any computer games maybe?
No, because she believes she wastes her time doing that.
Does she need to be home before midnight when she goes out?
No, she has the key of the house.
What does she want to become?
An architect.
What is she going to do this Summer?
She will go to Ireland to work in a bar to make money.
Does she have a boyfriend?
According to her it is easy to get a boyfriend but, no, she has no boyfriend.

Today a flight from Krakow, Poland, to Barcelona, Spain.
From there with a rental car to Cadaques, the village where 5 years were lived.
A journey today taking recent sweet Polish memories to revisiting happy memories from Cadaques.

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