Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bravo USA

Something very strange yesterday.
Returning from having a creamy coffee with Lucretia in her kitchen, it seemed somebody had been inside the Fuso Szulc.
Most strange was that the keyboard of the computer was full of sand as if somebody had been typing with dirty hands.

Meanwhile everything is put to the sides to make room to congratulate extensively and warm-heartedly the American people.
They have been giving a demonstration to the world what democracy is about.
By coming out in numbers, 136,6 million to be precise.
By voting peacefully.
By even being prepared to wait in line for hours to have the vote brought out.

61,4 % of the electorate has been voting and this is the highest since 1908.
Of all these voters 52,3 % went for Obama and 46,4 % for McCain.
Nevertheless, in the House of Representatives and the Senate the Democrats have majorities now.

In many ways the result of the United States elections is stunning.

After 8 years of disastrous Republican politics still 46,4 % of the electorate, 63 million people, wanted a continuation.
Demonstrates how effective the negative campaigning of McCain and the Barbie Doll charms of Palin have been.

Because of the Electoral College system in the USA a person can win the election with 52,3 % of the popular votes but will get 70,3 % of the Electoral College votes.
Hence, it is besides the truth neither to claim a landslide victory nor to say that the electorate has been giving a mandate.

Stunning is also the price tag of Obama’s victory.
This has cost more than 700 million $.
Isn’t that something to think about?

Many fervent and loyal blog readers will have been thinking when learning of the final result of the US elections of the posting on this blog dated October 4th called “The truth found in the pool”.
When it was predicted that Barack Obama would win the elections.

Now a new statement will be made.
It will take almost two months before Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the new President of the USA.
That will be a very dangerous time.
It is very possible he will be assassinated.
Let’s hope and pray this is only fear.


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