Sunday, November 9, 2008

The happy days

The first time months were spent at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico was in the early 80’s.
In those days the Summers were spent in Europe and the Winters in Mexico.

Punta Boca del Salado is right on the Sea of Cortez.
A beautiful body of water with a lot of fish.
Very similar to the Mediterranean Sea in Europe.
However, in all those years that time was spent next to this Sea of Cortez never have any swimming in its water taken place.

One reason was that in the Winter months the water gets too cold to bath in this sea.
But in the months when at Punta Boca del Salado while the water temperature was comfortable enough to swim, even then the water was not entered.

Major reasons were fear of drowning, as almost happened before.
And fear of creepy animals in the water, as there are stingrays, jellyfish and sea snakes.
Animals that bite and hurt.

This has been the situation for many years: living next to a sea and never getting into the water.

Until last month.
Not far from the location where the Fuso Szulc is residing lives the film scriptwriter Tyrell Ventura.
One day he and his beautiful Hollywood actress girlfriend were met on the beach when they returned from bathing.
They explained they were swimming at a particular stretch of beach where were no rocks.
Where it was easy to get into the water.

This implanted an idea.
If they were swimming happily without drowning and being eaten by the monsters, why not have a try?

As of then every morning, before the wind starts to blow, the half hour walk is made to this beautiful stretch of beach.
Accompanied by the dogs while the sun is climbing to its zenith.
Because nobody is there or comes by, all clothes are dropped and a dive is made in the sea.
This has become a highlight of the day.
Swimming in the early morning in the sea seeing the dogs faithfully wait on the beach.
Floating on the back and feeling the caressing of the water.

It is realized then that being in the water is to be all over the world.
Because the water touching the body is the Sea of Cortez that connects to the Pacific Ocean.
The Pacific Ocean connects to the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.
Hence the water one is in, goes all around the world.
A mind-boggling idea.

Every day a morning swim is made.
And if it is a day without much wind, an afternoon swim as well.

Meanwhile the temperature of the water has been going down.
We are early November.
But the plan is to continue this swimming addiction as long as the temperature is not chilling the body too much.

There are many mood enhancers available.
One can drink a beer or two.
Or take a happy making drug.
Or have sex and hope it goes well and that it enhances the mood.
But probably the best mood enhancer, and the healthiest, is to swim on a regular base.

The happy days now.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the sex thing beats the swimming thing every time.

Anonymous said...

Michel, I have been living on my Island 50% of the time for the last 15 years, Yet until recently I would not Snorkel/Dive at night due to similar fears/concerns. I finally purchased a dive light and ventured out in pursuit of Lobsters. I still have some anxiety but I am slowly becoming more comfortable. The kelp beds are alive and amazing at night. My decision was based strongly on the fact that I had fears ,that I chose to face and attempt to dismiss.
The Quote : "A Coward Dies a thousand times, A hero Dies but once" was a motivating factor, but even if it turns out not to be my cup of tea, I'm content in knowing that I faced my demon, Fear.
I'm glad your enjoying the ocean, it is an amazing exercise and centering activity with nature, swimming in the Ocean alone has always humbled me,
Best, Robert

Anonymous said...

Robert is right. It is great to have conquert ones fear. Here is a tip from me, a diver as you know:
slip on a dive mask. No snorkel at first. And then, at your favorite swimming beach, in standing water, put your face in the water...Just for a few seconds... You will be amased! You will find out, that there are no beasts waiting to bite you. The head down in the shallow water, just standing there, will open a new world to you.