Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Russian scam

Internet is a fabulous invention.
On websites a lot of information can be found.
And through e-mails, social life and business can grow in volume and quality.

However, because of its openness, the internet is also a playground for people with bad intentions.
There are different schemes around and one of them is the lonely Russian woman who is looking for a wealthy European or American.
Supposedly to marry but if a lonely and desperate guy is found the milking of money soon begins.
There are well documented stories of men who lost lots of money or who flew to Russia to find out there were more men on the plane going to meet the same girl.

The reality is, there is no girl.
There is a gang writing those e-mails and the possible resulting communication.
Guys pretending they are the girl.
They send pictures of the girl, but those are stolen from magazines and are in fact of Russian photo models, singers or film stars.

Yesterday, this e-mail was received:

Hello man my new friend!

I understand, that you do not know me and I do not know you, but
probably in the future all can change. All good always occurs in the
future and I ask a few patience from you to read my letter up to the
end. In the beginning I want to be presented you and to tell a little
about my life. My name is Elena and to me it will be very pleasant,
if you will name me so. Was born 32 years ago and all this time I live
in Russia, in Cheboksary . Now I work as the pediatrist in hospital and I very
much like my work as I every day communicate with many different
people. My life goes in regular intervals and every day is similar on
previous. I like my friends and love my family. Certainly the most
important i want to found love and my the husband to be the happiest
woman in the world. For all my life I could not meet the man to which
I could trust completely and with which I would like to connect my
life, but very much I want.
Several days ago I laid at home on a sofa and thought. Why I am
lonely? Why I cannot find my special the man? Probably I have made
nothing to be happy? Certainly I can be together with the man which I
not love, to give birth to the child and simply to be mum, but to not
be happy in the family, but I do not want it. I want to love the man
and simply be happy to be with him. Also I have thought. Why to not
try to get acquainted with the man from other country if I could not
find my special man here in Russia? Now we live in 21 century and I
know, that many people use the Internet and "Marriage agencies" to
get acquainted with suitable the man in any point globe. I do not want to
be lonely during my life or simply to sit and wait, when my love will
come to me. I want to do itself my life happy and have found such
marriage agency here in my city. I knew, that their help will be not
free-of-charge, but they have asked the big sum of money from me.
Nevertheless I have thought and have decided to not be greedy this
money, for the sake of my happiness and my love. Money - never can
give to me of it. Probably my destiny to be with the man from other
country? I do not know, but I want to try to know.
They gave to me yours E-mail and have told, that you also are
interested to find the woman for a life. I think, that now you can
understand, how my letter has come to you, could learn a little about
my life and about me, but I do not know your desires and I ask to
think. We can try to build serious relations or probably simply to be
friends. If you do not have desire simply speak to me and I can
understand. Nevertheless if I am interesting to you it would be very
pleasant for me to learn also a little more about you and to receive
your photos. I understand in computers not much, but I hope, that you
also can receive my photos in this letter. Certainly appearance not
the most important in the person both his private world and soul are
of great value, but nevertheless it is more pleasant to receive the
letter from the person and to see, how he looks. All this, that I
wanted to tell to you and now I shall wait only your answer. Excuse,
if I something have offended you in my letter or something has told
not correctly, but understand, that I try it for the first time and I
worry a little. Even if serious relations are not interesting to you
or I am not pleasant, simply let to me know. Ok?

Bye bye,

Tired of loneliness Elena

This is the picture she has been sending:

Specially for Elena, a new person was created.
His name is Charles Dahler.
A dentist from Munich in Germany.
He replied to Elena:

Elena, you are tired of loneliness?
This is not good.
You live in Cheboksary, Russia and are on your sofa at night dreaming of a man and a happy family life.
And working in a hospital as a pediatrist.
You probably could have a better life.

My name is Charles and I am a dentist from Munich in Germany.
This is to say, most of my time I am occupied with managing the estate of my parents.
The castle and the land need much of my attention.
I have not much time to think about a family life but maybe I should.

Well, bye bye.


When the so called Elena replies, the fervent and loyal blog readers will share her message.


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with such long legs she can never be lonely!!!

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