Monday, November 24, 2008

What is coming to us.

When in La Paz recently, of course the ice cream shop “La Fuente” on the Malecon Boulevard was visited.
They have exceptionally delicious ice cream made from guavas.
In front of the shop are benches where one can sit quietly to overlook the bay of La Paz and see the people parade by.

Next on the bench a beautiful man was sitting observing some children and making notes in a book.

This was Chandes Ahuja.
A man originally from India who had moved to California, USA where he had been working as an engineer.
Now he is on a 6-month travel in Mexico living simple and on a low budget.
Finding rooms to spend the night for 20 $ (15 €).

It was a pleasant conversation with Chandra, his Indian name.
And at one point he wrote something down on a piece of paper to give it to his new friend.

The note says:
Ramana Maharishi / Tiryuvayamalai

Back in the Fuso Szulc of course this Ramana Maharishi / Tiryuvayamalai was Googled and several results came out.

For the fervent and loyal blog readers there is now the option to share this extraordinary experience of receiving a piece of paper with a name.
To find out what is the meaning and the message for each of us.
Of learning what wants to come to us.

Click blissfully on:




On these websites you will meet a man who has something to tell you.

Open and know what he tells you.

As a gesture of compensation and friendship Chandra was giving a piece of paper on which:


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