Thursday, November 6, 2008

Drug the damned dog

It is a crazy world.
Well, not so much in the dry riverbed of Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico, where basically only the sun goes up and eventually goes down.

But it is crazy elsewhere.
Beyond the dry riverbed and the mountains.
In the towns and cities where the people live.
A lot of them and all together.

Similar to the situation at the rancho Punta Boca del Salado, the people on the other side of the mountain have dogs too.
And that seems not always to be an easy thing.

To the attention came a product called “POYZ”.
This is to be used when you have a dog and the animal is doing:

* Incessant barking
* Chewing
* Excessive panting
* Drooling
* Licking
* Angry or aggressive behavior
* Vomiting or incontinence
* Disobedience, especially when your dog is normally obedient
* Scratching
* Irritability
* Abnormal fatigue
* Depression
* Listlessness
* Crying or whining

This list of annoying manifestations of a dog are according to the website of the manufacturer of the product.

"POYZ" is a drug.
A kind of medication you give your dog when he is not harmonizing properly with the humans.

The dog barks too long in the opinion of his master
Doggy gets a pill and goes to sleep.

"POYZ" claims that the ingredients of their product are all natural without saying at all what they are.
They only show an image of heaps of herbs.

Poyz helps their customers to overcome doubts about drugging the dog.
They say on their website:

Is it ethical?

Everyone benefits from a calm, happy home -- you and your dog. As a society, we don’t think twice about prescribing our children powerful pharmaceutical drugs to modify behaviour so they can better concentrate and focus. Now, we’re not advocating any position one way or the other, but we are pointing out the inconsistency that what is condoned for our children and even ourselves some might regard as unsuitable for our pets! Is a dog not a family member? The fact is, dogs, like humans, benefit from being calmer. Stress takes an incredible toll on the heath of all animals. When you address your dog’s anxiety, he will stay healthier, do better in obedience school and enjoy the benefits of being more popular and enjoyable to be around.

This is a pretty amazing way of thinking.
Because the reasoning is based on this assumption:

As a society, we don’t think twice about prescribing our children powerful pharmaceutical drugs to modify behaviour so they can better concentrate and focus.

Where is that society where children are forced to swallow powerful pharmaceutical drugs to modify their behaviour?
In the imagination of the sales department of "POYZ" hopefully.

The considerations to respond to a dog behaving in a challenging way should be different of course.
Every person should ask himself or herself seriously if it is such a good idea to actually have a dog.
As a starting point.
And this very same consideration goes for having children as well.
Asking oneself honestly this question usually results in not having a dog.
Nor a kid.
In case there were excellent reasons to have a dog or a child, no sane person will deal with possible challenges by administering drugs suppressing behaviour.

If such a lunatic society exists, where children and dogs are drugged as the way to make life peaceful, better to stay away from those people.
Because a person thinking in a sane way among lunatics will be locked up.
To be administered a drug to calm down.


To order the “POYZ”-drug for the too excited dog, go to:

To order Ritalin for the misbehaving kids, go to:


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