Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inaugurate Obama today.

Just a question.
We know we can make tunnels.
We drill horizontally and eventually we end up in fresh air and with light again.
We start at one side of the mountain and end up at the other side.
Now, why can’t we do this vertically?
Why can’t we start drilling vertically in some field, to end up in another field?
Go right through the earth until we come out on the other side?

Another question.
Why are runways of airports horizontal?
Wouldn’t it make more sense if for taking off the runway was in an angle going down?

That would allow the plane to have to produce less energy to take off.
Gravity will help it accumulate speed more rapidly to get airborne.

Same for landing.
If the runway from halfway was going up, it would help the plane to stop more easily.

Last question.
Why does it take two months for a new president to be sworn in?
From the day the new president is elected, the sitting president becomes a lame duck.
Not many countries in the world do this ridiculous and unwise thing.
But now we see the USA in a desperate economic situation and immediate action is needed.
But the one to do this is powerless in a waiting room until January 20, 2009.

There is an elegant solution to this problem.
President Bush should step down immediately.
Make the Presidency available to Barack Obama today.

Two more months of limbo will only result in the economies worldwide to detoriate more.
More people will loose their jobs and will be pushed in misery and poverty.

Fervent and loyal blog readers, let’s make this a snowball.
Tell anybody you know about this idea.
To inaugurate Barack Obama today.



geneward said...

obama can NOT be inaugurated as president until January. We are a country of laws, a republic, we are not a democracy, a system of mob rule. Perhaps you should read the Constitution of the United States of America. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant!
Do you realize that if President Bush resigned, Dick Cheney would be President? It's IMPOSSIBLE for obama to be president until January.

Roy said...

Why not post the gains you feel Mr. Obama will make in the next 4 years, now, then 4 years later post along with the orignal post, what gains are actually made. Could we, (the whole world) be walkin in tall cotton? Even with the liberal congress and senate? I look foward to your posts