Monday, November 17, 2008

The most happy girl in the world

During the birthday party Rossillo came to ask a question.

She explained she had her 10th birthday last month and wanted as a gift a mobile phone.

In Mexico and many other countries it is rather unusual that a child asks family and friends for presents.
It is even considered by many people as impolite.

With an educational responsibility because of being a friend for all her life, the first question to answer was what was the position on her taking this initiative of bluntly asking for a specific birthday present.

Was Rossillo to be lectured that asking for presents is not polite?
Or should she be respected and appreciated for the fact that she has the courage and the initiative to try to obtain what she so much loves to have?

The choice was made for the second option.
To not impose a bourgeois doctrine but to accept her way.

Like most 10 year old girls, Rossillo is crazy about having a mobile phone.
Not so much to make phone calls.
She doesn’t have the money to buy credit.
But the mobile phone is used mainly to tape and listen to music and make and see pictures.
Hence, it is a tool that challenges a 10 year old girl in many ways and boosts therefore her growing process.

So, Rossillo was informed that she would get a good mobile phone but that her mother Norma had to agree.
A meeting was arranged together with Norma and it is wonderful to see what a fantastic energy a 10 year old has in a matter like this.
It is about her very first mobile phone.
It is about something she has been dreaming to have for a long time.
Thus the girl is full of excitement and bliss.

Norma was totally opposed to her daughter Rossillo having a mobile phone.
She saw plenty of reasons to be negative about it.
Mainly in probably seeing results in school suffering.
And boys coming after pretty Rossillo with SMS’messages and more.

The dream was over because mother’s decision is law.
Rossillo didn’t show her disappointment too much and went on playing and doing her girlish things.

A longer conversation was made with Norma.
And outlined were all the positive challenges of the mobile phone Rossillo was going to have and where that could bring her.
Pointed out was also that boys know other ways than sending SMS messages to charm Rossillo.
And that an arrangement could be made that Rossillo would never take her mobile phone to school.

Norma became convinced and changed 180 degrees her opinion.
Rossillo was called and informed there was a new verdict.
She was going to have the mobile phone, but with conditions.

She was the most happy girl in the world.


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Anonymous said...

Great choice, I like how you handled the issue. My 10 year old also received a cell phone this year. It has been 100% positive. My daughters phone use has many limits as well.. The physical charging and up keep of the phone, has made her feel trusted and special. What a great gift.