Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What a job!

These are exciting days because of the progress made with the two photo projects on hand.

“The most beautiful people in the world” had lost most of its momentum after the French publisher Robert Delpire suddenly cancelled his involvement last July.

But with the loyal help of two friends in the Netherlands an international publisher was approached.
This has resulted in a contact now with the most famous book designer in the Netherlands.
With him a process is taken place to see if he can come to a sparkling, innovative and convincing design of “The most beautiful people in the world” as a photo book.
Once that has been achieved, book publishers can be approached again and consequently in a most convincing manner.

It is a long process to bring a photo project like “The most beautiful people in the world” to a successful and satisfying conclusion.
Without insisting and absolute believe it is never possible.

Meanwhile, adding to the reborn momentum, the magazine “Vision” in China has decided to publish a selection of “The most beautiful people in the world”.
The same for the Arab version of the magazine “Marie Claire” in Kuwait.

At the same time, the follow-up photo project of “The most beautiful people in the world” is about to go public.
It is called “How the world loves”.
Soon a website will open of the photo project “How the world loves”.
Where visitors can learn more about the photo project and become a participant and contributor.
The website offers the opportunity to send in images and text showing and explaining how someone loves.
These contributions are all published on the website of “How the world loves” almost instantly.

To make this possible a lot of website engineering is needed and this is done with a website genius called Peter Bouwmeester from the company Digital Media Art.
With him is a very creative and fruitful collaboration and this is key to an excellent result.

Loyal and fervent blog readers may ask where the photographer comes in if participants in the photo project “How the world loves” send in their own pictures.
The answer to this question is that once many people have contributed their images and texts to the website of “How the world loves”, a selection of the most remarkable participants will be made.
These persons, wherever they live, will be visited in their homes where they will be documented.

The last project resulted in most pleasant meetings with persons believing to be the most beautiful.
Now persons will be met who can show how they love.
What a job!


Great website engineering by Digital Media Art to reach at:



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