Sunday, November 23, 2008

A secret revealed

Nobody else is seeing doing it but still every morning the walk is made to the sandy beach and a plunge is made into the Sea of Cortez.

One cannot say the sea is warm as it was only a few weeks ago.
Better to say it is fresh and cool.

But it is still nice to swim and this without getting chilly.
Because once the temperature of the water drops so that the body starts to protest for what the mind is making it going through, the daily swimming will be finished for the year.

Once in the water, while the dogs watch intensely from the beach, there is of course the exercise of swimming.
But every day it is also included to float on the back.
With the arms spread wide, carried by the salt water and moving harmoniously up and down by the waves.
This makes the body relax totally.
It is a sensational feeling to become aware that all the muscles finally relax and that for some moments gravity is not an issue.

When living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, together with the Japanese wife, Koan Float was visited.
A business where they make you go into a gigantic egg.
Filled with very salty water and equipped with ambient light and music.
The customer enters and floats on the salty water in the egg.
Costing 50 € ( 63 $ ) an hour, it is a perfect way when living in a big and hectic city to find some moments of total relaxation.

This total relaxation is now found in the Sea of Cortez and a discovery has been made.
When in another situation, that might be stressful, it is possible to imagine floating in the sea and the relaxation that gives.
Instantly the effects return making it easier to deal with the stressful situation.

This is today’s advice to the fervent and loyal blog readers.
Have something in your life that relaxes completely.
Do this frequently and enjoy it as deeply as you can.
Next, when in a stressful or unpleasant situation, simply remember the activity that makes you enjoy total relaxation.
Imagine yourself in the relaxing conditions and feel again the good effects it has on you.
Have that fill your feelings and distress your body.

You will learn how much more easy it will become to deal with the more difficult situations.
Remember also that the people you deal with in the stressful situation will be influenced positively by your ability to become relaxed, peaceful and harmonious.


To learn more about Koan Float, click on:


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