Friday, November 7, 2008

Men are useless

Over the last days fervent and loyal blog readers have been seeing postings about dogs.
How they can be turned into zombies through special canine medication.
And how they slipped into the Fuso Szulc and spoke directly to the worldwide audience.

All this means that it is high time we communicate a bit about chicken.

Because chicken are most remarkable animals.
For an invention they have made concerning reproduction.
A chicken doesn’t need to become pregnant to have babies.
Doesn’t need to carry a baby inside the body.

A chicken will lay eggs no matter what.
For the first four years of her life.
She doesn’t need to find a partner, establish a relationship, make love and become pregnant.
The eggs come anyway.

The thing with the chicken is that the egg doesn’t result in a baby chicken.
It all depends whether a rooster is around.

And if the rooster has been able to mount effectively the chicken.
Even then, if the fertile egg is not bred, no baby chicken will fight its way out of it.

The main point is that the chicken has found a way to avoid the trouble of getting pregnant and have the baby grow inside the body.

Now compare this to human beings!

There will be alert fervent and loyal blog readers who raise their hand to state that not only chicken know this smart trick.
That all birds apply the same method.
They build a nest, drop some eggs into it, sit on it for a while and voila, the future of existence of the species is guaranteed.

This is undeniably true.
And we know why this is!
How on earth is a bird going to fly with a heavy pregnant belly?
No way take off will be possible.
Too heavily loaded to get airborne.

Some other alert fervent and loyal blog readers raise their hands now to gladly say that also fish handle reproduction in this smart way.
They poop out eggs in the sea that become their offspring.
Only because swimming with a heavy belly full with baby fish is uncomfortable.

Animals that walk and cannot fly nor swim, all get babies like human females.
Carry around the growing creature inside the body for a while.

But in all cases, the males are only there to impregnate.
Besides that, they are completely useless.


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