Sunday, November 16, 2008

Party and peeing

Many fervent and loyal blog readers will have noticed that the side bar of this blog has been updated.

For better service it has been equipped now with three large clocks.
Showing the time at the location where the Fuso Szulc is and the time in the Netherlands and Poland.
The two countries of origin.

But most exciting new addition is the service showing who are fervent and loyal blog readers.
Any fervent and loyal blog reader can join the club of followers by clicking on “Follow this blog” and add the name and if possible a picture.
A great way to join and share and meet each other every day at this place.

A question concerning this blog is whether it is time to change the image of the Fuso Szulc we see every day at the top of the posting.
Comments about this issue are invited.
To come together to a decision.
Some people may be attached to this image and prefer to keep it.
But some fervent and loyal blog readers might be in for a change?
Inform headquarters!

Yesterday was the birthday party of Lucretia, the now 2-year-old daughter of Christina Gonzales and her policeman husband Concha.
The 1-hour journey and visit was made together with Dulce, the 16 year old household assistant of the rancho.
It was a fabulous party.
Outside of course, as the weather is still warm enough.
In front of the simple one bedroom house.
There were about 50 people sitting on rented chairs and their children were having great fun.
There was food for everyone and many presents for Lucretia.
Who was getting more confused by all the attention she was getting.

On the way back driving the Ford Explorer to the rancho, in the dark of the night out in nowhere getting deeper into the boondocks, Dulce said:
“Oooooh, Miguel, mi panza, mi panza…”
She had to pee.
A stop was made under a sky full of stars and she said:
“Tu primero!”
After the beers at the party this was actually a good idea but while peeing suddenly Dulce switched off the lights of the car.
Her sense of humour.
Once back she said that she would pee behind the car and that was good thinking.
Nobody in the boondocks wants to get into the bushes at night and squat when horrible creatures called night animals are on their hunt.

Once Dulce was out and probably behind the car inundating the dirt road, it was considered to play another kind of humour by starting the car and to drive away.
To stop after a few minutes and drive back to pick her up.

But Dulce has already enough problems in her life separated from her daughter who is in La Paz with her mother, so it was decided to be sweet and easy with her.


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