Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Persistent pioneering

One of the projects at hand is the follow up to “The most beautiful people in the world”.
A new project called: “How the world loves”.

Similar to most projects performed before, it is unknown if this project is going to be successful or not.
This is inherent to the way a pioneer works in photography.
Always looking to walk undiscovered tracks to reach unseen areas.

“How the world loves” starts with the opening of a website probably next week.

Opening page of new website from the project "How the world loves"

Visitors to this website are explained what the project is about and invited to participate.
This they do by sending in pictures showing how they love.
Every contributor gets a personal page on the website of “How the world loves” for the whole world to see how the participant loves.

The idea is that people from all over the world will send in contributions.
The special issue is that nowhere on the website of “How the world loves” it is explained what is intended with the word love and its performance.
Every person can make a very personal interpretation and formulate a most specific answer to how one loves.

Is this going to work?
Is this going to be as successful as “The most beautiful people in the world”?

There are no answers yet to these questions.
And in fact there is no worry about that.
Already, being involved in the preparations of the project, a feeling of accomplishment and happiness is achieved.

In art one must try.
There are no fixed answers or solutions.
No guarantees or securities.
Entering territories never scouted before is the only way.

This is being a pioneer.
Starting a new project after another one is finished.
Never reaching a destination.
Because travelling the road is the destination.


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