Saturday, November 8, 2008

You liar

Fervent and loyal blog reader Lynn sent a message because of the fascinating posting yesterday about poultry.

She mentioned that hen have also another smart way of dealing with offspring.
Not only do they not carry the baby in their body until it is ready to cry.
But a hen also has no care once the chickens are born.
The yellow puffy chicken comes from the egg and is ready to eat independently right away.
No breast-feeding, ladies and gentlemen, nor diaper changing.

While for a woman the process of having a baby is of enormous consequences, for a hen it is piece of cake.
The only thing she needs to do what is different from her normal life is sit on an egg for a while.
Big deal!

This concludes the subject of hens, roosters and chicken on this blog.
In fact, why it became a subject is not clear to begin with.
Who on earth would fervent and loyal readers be interested in the subject of poultry anyway?
Not many probably.

And what sense does it make to compare a hen with a woman?
To almost paint a hen as more smart and superior than a female person.
Doesn’t that slightly abhor?

We must come to an agreement that there is a limit about what a posting can have as a subject.
Otherwise this blog will be closed down.
There are plenty of other interesting blogs around.

So, as a starter, no more chicken stories.

And now that we have opened up this box of Pandora, we must consider banning also postings dealing with American policies.
Too often the good willing people of the Bush Government have been bashed to the annoyance and disagreement of many fervent and loyal blog readers.
No wonder it always resulted in hate mail.
You could say of course that the recent result of the US elections indicates that the criticism of Bush here had some justification.
But a woman is not a hen and Bush is not Donald Duck and Donald Rumsfeld is not a war criminal and Dick Cheney is not Heinrich Himmler and John McCain is not Baghdad Bob.

Now that this agreement about allowed subjects for this blog has been signed, the future postings will only be about butterflies and flowers.
Honey on toast with rich butter and recipes for tasteful food.
About a roaring romance and a long kiss at sundown.
It will be only about the warm water of the sea and the silhouette of the palm trees.
The beautiful tan of the skin and the gentle toning of the muscles.
The wind caressing the soul.
Every future posting about the presence of heaven on earth.

You liar.



RonMack said...

Bravo ! !
I support your resolve to not make yourself a liar!

Post on!

Anonymous said...

why dont you focus on the beautiful women you have met in your travels with nice pics? all blog readers will love it. who cares about politics and eggs and storms?? there is only one life and a beautiful woman makes it so rich!! so please write about this for the next six months at least!!

-- raj from bombay