Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dog talk

Yes, this time it is us.
we, the dogs.

I am Rocky.

And I am Gante.

He went to have his coffee with the Gonzales and we are all alone with this truck we sleep under it every night.

Nothing to do to sleep b ut with our ears open to check if he is coming back.
Because he takes us every day even two times to the house of Alfrdedo whi os gone most of the time.
He gives us dogfood that is for us because we are dogs.
And refreshes the drinking water and that is good because it is very warm and we stay in the shadow all the time.

When possible because this guy from above us at night is busy all the time and we go with him like very morning to the shore where he greets the rising sun and seemks to suffer of asthma but that might also be some kind of excerise humans do like when we are sleepy and yawn.

After he has been pushing these buttons we use our claws for now he goes to this other bay and that is a walk of like half an hour.
He goes swimming there and this we don’t like very much.
We see him disappear in the ater and we cannot manage to follow him because the waves are too big.
We tried but the surf is too strong.
We were washed back on the beach and there we wait patienmtl;y but attentively until he comes back and until noiw he always came back.

We can be relaxing until he finished his sleep durningthe hottest time of day and then he goed for this long walk.
Sometimes along the beach but sometimes into the canyon and at the end is a waterfall where we can drink but their wasps and bite like recently in my paw this is Gante the skinny one.

After walking he goes again to this place where he swims and lays on his back in the water like he has nothing else to do and sees something in the blue sky but we see nothing and wonder what is the point.

The hardest for us is at the end pof the afternoon when he gets ready with special shoes and clothes and is putting his arms in the air and puts his legs up and bows and bends and what it is all about anyway?
Then he starts running and we go along because what else to do and it is an opportunity for us to run and shiff out the hares and mice along the way we certainly we catch iof we can and kill and snakc.

The night time is the best becausde he is quiet inside and that was different when this woman was coming and we had not many quiet moments anymore till the sun rose again.
It made us want to tell thim man take it easy lay down like us and join us underneath here for some sweet dogdreams.

Hold on, he is coming back from his visit to the houses lets get out of here before he notices we are not allowed inside here…


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Anonymous said...

Excellent! Great! guys.
Keep him company he is a cool guy.
Eli Torres