Friday, November 21, 2008

Mario the Manager

For the evening meal in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico the restaurant called “The Sushi Zone” was visited.
One can dine in the restaurant or order food and take it away.

The person taking the orders was asked if they could make a box with sushi of different kinds of fish.
But without mayonnaise.
Because this is what they do in Mexico with sushi.
They smear the sushi rolls with fat, greasy mayonnaise.
The sushi rolls enter more smoothly the throat thanks to the greasy mayonnaise but in Japan they use sake for this.

The guy taking the orders got slightly confused because of the special request and called the manager of “The Sushi Zone”.
A nice guy who heard the request and asked why no mayonnaise.
That is like stepping on the toes while dancing together.
To explain that beautiful years of the life were spent with Mayumi?
A gal from Miyazaki, Japan, who sure knew how to make a good sushi?
And this without mayonnaise?

A silly excuse was made to the manager: having been frequently in Japan, the sushi was preferred in the Tokyo way.
Without mayonnaise.

While this interesting conversation was going on, one of the employees was calling to the manager for some other issue and it was accidentally heard the guy’s name was Mario.

An arrangement was made for the sushi and after about half an hour it would be ready.
The manager was informed a hardware shop nearby would be visited to buy some stuff and later the food would be picked up.

Some 40 minutes later “The Sushi Zone” was entered for a second time.
Busy like a beehive and hectic.
The cashier guy called the manager who was very proud to offer the food that was prepared in the special requested way.

He showed the box with the sushi and the chopsticks, the soy sauce and the wasabe.
Exactly as was requested.
What a great guy!

An idea came to mind.
An impulse.
The hand was hold out towards the manager with one finger.
In Steven Spielberg’s ET-way.

The manager was told:
“Touch my finger, please”
He was confused.
What a strange request.
But he actually stretched his hand and touched the finger.
The customer closed his eyes like being in deep meditation, opened the steel blue eyes, looked at him ultimately serious and nobody else and said as in a trance with a guru-like voice:
“Your name is Mario!”.

The manager was devastated.
Totally shocked.
Turned pale.
He obviously had no clue that half an hour before, by accident, the customer had happened to hear his name.
He thought that the touching of the fingers had transmitted this personal information about him.

The restaurant “The Sushi Zone” was left while the manager Mario couldn’t believe nor deal with what just happened to him.
He just stood there flabbergasted.

But outside the protagonist asked himself why he was doing these things.
And the answer came quickly.
Recently it has been realised that life has been lived and is still being lived in illusions.
Everything that is true is made untrue.
The reality of life is transformed into the creation of the one that lives it.
A self created Disney Szulcland luring others in.

The manager comes home tonight and sits down with his girlfriend and says that a weird thing has happened.
A man came into the restaurant who did not want mayonnaise on his sushi and who could know his name by touching fingers.

This illusion gives a quality to life.
Because the girl friend touches lovingly his hair thinking his job is too stressful.


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