Monday, May 12, 2008

A head of it all.

This morning in the fancy shower of the house of cousin Jerzyk in Nowy Sacz, Poland, a fabulous idea came to mind through the falling water.

It came because the fancy shower is equipped with a sound system.
Through waterproof sound speakers in the ceiling the nude and splashing listener hears music on CD or the radio.
A song was heard and it was believed something new from Madonna.
But it was a song from some kind of Polish singer doing a perfect imitation of the beloved Madonna.
Except, the words of the song were in Polish.

Consequently, the idea is why not sample the voice of Madonna?
Have her voice and all the sounds she can make put in a forceful Apple computer and make a library of syllables.
Next, with these syllables create and compose a text that is not in English anymore but, for example, in Polish.
One will hear Madonna sing but not in English.
It could be in any language.

Small example as a demonstration.
The word in Polish for shower is PRYSZNIC.
This word has 3 syllables.
So, in the library we look for parts of English words that Madonna has sung that are identical and mount it together.

This may sound like a far-fetched idea and for sure some details need still to be worked out.
But every good idea, like the light bulb by Edison, is far fetched in the beginning and one only needs to switch on the light now to understand what eventually happens because of excellent thinking of a man taking a shower.

Meanwhile the work of the Australian artist Karen Papacek is re-appearing on the stage build in the memory for seeing memorable things.
She is a painter and sculptor who lives in France.
She makes paintings and drawings that not only have beauty, but are loaded with emotions as well.
Some examples will illustrate this point made:

To learn more about the work of Karen Papacek, click on:


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